Election 2020 Predictions w/ Savage Joy And Pat Cote AKA Nate’s Liver

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From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.
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Artwork by Storie Grubb

Written by Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a comedian, producer/writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, contributor to TYT Nation and this is his home on YouTube.


  1. I agree Ron I think it is a neck and neck. But if trump took some kind of positive action out of left field he would slid on home. But the problem is no one talks abt the fact IF trump did something like congress would stop him just like they stopped him from pulling out of afghanistan. I just had a lightbulb go off. Trump says leftie things all the time. He said we needed UBI then he has said we need med4all then he is anti war now he says this other stuff makes me think he is not the person they've painted him to be. His job was to derail the republican party to assure a hillary win. Look he was best friends with the Clinton's. No one took him seriously. Which insured a clinton win. Now it is obvious he doesnt want to be president because he didn't think he would be. He was suppose to derail the republicans and insure a clinton win. BET YOU.

  2. ByeDone (R-Visa) will probably win. More failed DNC neoliberal policies will follow forth. The country will continue to collapse. And in 2024 we'll get an even worse version of tRump.

  3. I think Pat and Joy are completely wrong about Obama. All the Bernie peeps I know in Michigan can't stand him. I don't think he fools anyone under the age of 35. I think history will remember him for what he is anyway.