Election Fraud Is COMING, Fake IDs Only HIGHLIGHT How Insecure This Election Will Be

Thousands of fake IDs from China have flooded into the US, with some being intercepted at various airports. Tim and Adam discuss the breakdown of security surrounding the electoral process as the US prepares for what is likely to be one of its most significant elections.

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  1. I voted absentee in 2012, since I was in college. It was secure, since it came through the college mailroom and straight to me after. I did my voting and sent it back. It is one of the few times I have voted since becoming eligible to do so. That was fine. I was expecting my ballot and voted my way.

    The regular polls need to be open this year. It's not like we don't have rules in places that can be followed to vote despite COVID. Treat the polls like a Wal-Mart. Wear a mask, socially distance, and provide hand sanitizer. That's it that's all you'd have to do to have regular polls open in November.

  2. This is as dumb as Russiagate. The ID's are for kids to by booze and weed, and to get around drunk driving laws. That being said the election will probably be a shit show, the government and Post office should be planning ways to handle the volume—but they aren't. Instead, Trump is going to try to defund the post office, and create more mayhem.

  3. I've said many times that if the democrats get elected we will be at war with Russia in 6 months. All those little socialist pinheads will have to go and fight it. Young conservatives I would stay out of it. Go to another country or Leavenworth. At least when it is over, you will have both arms and legs. Under democrats this country will not be worth fighting for.

  4. My wife is a registered Democrat. She received 2 ballots. 1 with her legal name and one in her maiden name. She didn’t request a mail in ballot..,

    My father in law is a registered Republican. He received a mail in ballot to my address in Florida. He lives in and is a resident of the state of Pennsylvania … WTF !?!?!

  5. You do realize how piss easy it is to make a functional bar code on an id right? If that isnt standard these days then your buying from the wrong supplier. To get a fake I'd search the term "novelty id".

  6. Mail ballot will be manipulated by democrats per info bcuz surely pres. Trump will be reelected republicans will annihilate d Democrats n Congress majority of republicans also wins n d local elections 4 sure due 2 d lies, violence n deception of democrat left my prediction

  7. Voter fraud is rare. Plus the sources you use prove your entire video wrong. Take your stupid beanie off and report honestly. Voter fraud is less than 0.00006% likely to happen. Why don't you report on real shit like Louis Dejoy and Trump openly admitting to sabotage the post office.

  8. What are you conservative? Progressive? Liberal? Is the administration not at fault? The Republicans are the one's that commit the most fraud. You taking Donald Trump's word discredits your position. Why? Because he is a pathological liar.

  9. Might be a stupid question, but aren't you required to register to be able to vote in all 50 states in the first place? So if someone isn't registered to vote to begin with and isn't on the printout or list…wait how does it work in other states? Anyone? The state I'm in I filled out voter registration paperwork then mail in the paperwork. Other states I registered online. Regardless I had to register. I then received my voter registration card telling me the polling place in my district based on my address where I go to vote. When I arrive at my polling place I tell them my name and show my ID and they find my name on a computer printout and place a check by my name or highlight it. I then write my signature under my printed name then head to a booth and cast my ballot. If I go late right before the polls close the entire process start to finish takes 15-20 minutes. How does it work in states where you don't have to show ID? You still must register in the first place, right?

  10. Here is an even more diabolical goals : Are the return addresses genuinely actually wrong ? They open-up the mail-in ballots and create “list” of Trump supporters for future “liquidation” or ”re-education”.