Election Officials FURIOUS Over Insane Democrat Rules That BROKE The Election, QUIT Their Positions

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  1. If you think Trump is going to not do something ab mail in ballots your delusional. This dude is going to have the safest election ever. If he loses fair and square he’s gone, but he’s not going to be cheated out of it…if anything, if the elections are planning on cheating, he’s setting them up so hard. Trumps no joke, Teflon Don 2020

  2. I wonder if this BS is the reason I've received FOUR unsolicited applications for an absentee ballot (not to be confused with this mail-in ballot crap)? Because they KNOW that cheating is going to happen? I mean, it says absentee is to keep us healthy and safe. I've never voted absentee in my life. I think I'll remain healthy and safe voting in person.

  3. I don't understand how they let it happen…but the Democrats have lowered themselves to the bottom of humanity and all because a reality-TV star became president.

  4. I suspect the mail in voting scam is why the left is having a meltdown over RG dying, they were probably relying on a democrat majority in the supreme court to rule in their favour, but now the wicked witch of the dems has died trump has a chance to put a conservative judge on there which makes them less likely to get a ruling in their favour over the election fraud the democrats are planning

  5. My great grandfather, grandpa, and my dad all served in the military defending this country and what it stood for. If it comes to it, I will do the same and so will thousands of other loyal Americans to protect her.

  6. Tim Pool says Civil War will happen(even though he had already declared civil war months ago).
    He also says the election will not happen.
    These bullshit predictions will not ever be retracted.
    He overreacted to COVID-19, but hasn’t learned his lesson.

  7. Everybody remember Bush vs Gore? It's going to be like Florida…but nationwide. You think that the Republicans are just going to accept the results from regions they lost while the Democrats are challenging each region they lost? This will be chaos.

  8. And when civil war comes…AND IT WILL… Tommy Commy will be one of the fist PA victims in government to be taken out. He has done so much to divide, destroy, and disable the Pennsylvanian communities and has been extremely successful that it is downright disgusting.

  9. The decision in these states where signature verification was wanted, went to the courts and was defeated. This shows the systemic, institutional bias the Democrats have created. If you can't see the importance of at least signature verification under the existing standard where voter I.D. IS NOT required you are corrupt to the core.

  10. Well, if the Democrats are able to STEAL the election, then I guess it is what we all deserve for not doing enough to keep America free all these years. We thought "free" meant FREE, but it really didn't.

  11. Why can't we do this: The states already decide how their electors work. They decide how votes are counted, etc. Why can't we make a rule that you can collect votes however you want, so long as you get your votes in less than ONE WEEK. After one week, if your system is so broken that everyone's vote isn't counted, then tough shit, fix your voting system.

  12. when Joe wins, kill every last democrat, they want war, give it to them, they refuse to play by the rules we've been using sense we became a free country, they are tyrants and want to tell you how to live, what to say, and enslave you, our founders killed for freedom, and the left destroyed our history, and those that don't learn from it are destined to repeat it, time for history to repeat itself and for Americans to kill some tyrants

  13. Quitting your position when people are doing the wrong thing is a silly thing to do. You fight back against the wrong doing, you don't leave and let them take over the Castle without a fight.

  14. Hey Tim, Trump Will have Such a Landslide Victory those few States Won't Matter, There Will not be a Civil War because Trump Will Win and He won't Being Holding Back Shutting The Socialist Down because of the Election and there are Polls in Every City and State in America the Mail in Voting is Optional

  15. WE NEED PURPLE FINGER ELECTIONS! If you don’t know what that is google it. One vote from one LIVING CITIZEN. No cheating. The Dems are trying to destabilize this country and disrupting voting is just one more step toward that goal.

  16. The problem for the Democrats they only have 10 days from the Election to pull this off.
    After that it goes to the House of Representatives. One state one vote Republicans are the majority in 26 of the 50 states.

  17. Sorry, but Mitch McConnell blew that the fuck up in 2016. His own words will come back to bite him. That is, unless Democrats roll over again like they have for the past 4 years.

  18. If (you) won a $100,000 lottery scratch off , are you gonna mail it in cross your fingers and hope it gets there or are you gonna march back to the store and say " here! Look at my ticket! I won !" ……
    So, why would you MAIL in your ballot to vote ?