ELECTION THEFT Of The Century | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 84

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


  1. WA state learned how to perfect this type of ballot fraud in 2004, Rossi vs Gregoire. "Lost" ballots kept showing up until the democrats had enough to win.

  2. *ATTENTION* Rudy or anyone that knows how to get this info to him or the Trump team lawyers.

    In regards to the Machines that incorrectly malfunctioned votes. I think that we need to look deeper into this and see who OWNS the machines and the SOFTWARE. This sounds like a systemically organized project and I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say with investigations, I'll bet my left eye that it will result in a DNC member or family member of a powerful DNC connection.

    PLEASE INFORM THE PROPER AUTHORITIES TO LOOK INTO THIS MATTER. Thank you! God Bless you Mr G. You and President Trump and your families are in my prayers ❤️

  3. Rudy … you are working very hard for all Good Americans!! Even a child know its fraud.. do your best!! This is a war Good against evil!! My prayers for U and President Trump, fight for the holy war for America and Worldwide democracy ?.. Amen. God Almighty bless you both ..

  4. ⭕⭕ Rudy, everyone is missing the big picture here. A win win is rigging not only the Presidential election, but also Senate on down to local seats. I believe this election both parties voted strait down the ticket. A fraudulent vote for Joe Biden, also holds true for all others on that ticket.

  5. So let me get this straight. "Sleepy Joe" the guy who apparently hase dementia and is completely incompetent who lacks the energy and ability to be president. Is stealing the election in the richest most powerful country in the world from a "stable genius". Well in that case maybe he should be president because he must be doing something right. ??? Btw Rudy keep them pant on around those reports not like little Jimmy could wake up anyway.

  6. Why on earth do you guys have private (and possibly highly corrupt) corporate media organizations "calling" national elections of a presidential election?! Is the US collectively nuts or officially now a banana republic? Let the rest of the world know, asap, so we can convey our sympathies accordingly. President Trump won the re-election by a landslide as far as we know. And you let the media goons like CNN, Fox, AP et all in collusion with the most crooked political party in the planet (the Democrats) rob you of your country? Put another one into 'Ripley's Believe it or Not'…

  7. It seems to be a well planned 'Soft COUP D'ETAT by the Anti Trump camp to me ! This is not about Trump vs Democrat but Trump vs the 'Elite establishment both in Democrat&Republican

  8. The utter denial is hilarious. I mean, how is it possible for a president who's spent his entire term being this divisive to not get a majority of the vote?! It just goes to show how living in a media echo-chamber can distort your reality.

  9. God Bless you Rudy Giuliani! MAGA!!! We will fight this until the Law is upheld! They on purpose refused to call states for Donald Trump just before 8:00 pm. on super tuesday. Alot of bullcrap!

  10. Rudi i don't know if you Read comments but i would just like to say now i Know why China hacked us all those times under obama it wasn't for credit card numbers it was for names and addresses so they could mass produce ballots for the democrats

  11. Mr. Giuliani,
    I live in Philly. And I know there has been fraud here. Because these bastards are as corrupt as hell!!! I want to put together a list of all my deceased family members. But I don't know who to submit them to. I hope other Philadelphians will follow my lead. I need to know how to get it to you. Then we can prove fraud. I know President Trump has been robbed. And I want to help. Please tell me where I can submit this info.

  12. Hi friends. I am from Sweden. Can someone with insight tell me what is going on and if this Steve Pieczenick is legit? Is what he says happening now? Arrests? National gard? How can a man, a father, say stuff like this if it is not absolutely true? Only a totally insane person would.

    God bless you America and may truth prevail!

  13. I heard not a single ballot has been counted for our military. I also heard they will not be counting any of the military ballots at all. Why is no one talking about this?

  14. "Calling" a state early on by the media is not the election decider. ONLY the actual counts from the states, counties and districts by the local authorized (many sworn) election officials from both parties. So the figures quoted here are not of any worth to the official section, Pollsters have been too wrong too often since Dewey and Truman. ONLY official counts, done by the local officials and certified by the proper state authorities are to be of effect. Looking at the president's constant pliant about mail voting and then the states each setting up authorized and monitored systems for mail ballots in light of the Covid situation AND Biden's concern for his voter's health recommending they use mail ballots to practice social distancing it is no surprise that hard to handle mail ballots took more time to open, process, check and count. And it is no surprise the preponderance of mail ballots are for Buden. SO< WHY SHOULD THE MEDIA "CALL" mean anything? It has no real effect on the final tally. '

    Also — look at the delayed result last election cycle when Trump won with a minority popular vote. As a former Republican I can tell you, the party has degenerated to power hungry self righteous egomaniacs.

  15. Thank God you are hear to fight this injustice to the American citizens. Mr. Giuliani & President Trump are fighting for us citizens, & we need to provide them all the support we can. Tell us Mr. Giuliani, what we can do, & America will stand up against the demonrats. Just like we did on election night. Everywhere had extremely long lines of voters, compared to any other election.

  16. What a dangerous clown you are. You yourself admitted literally 24 hours agog in court that your claims are baseless. That there always have been republican observers in the room. 19 at a time in one instance. Spineless and lying coward.

  17. Educate me, are there no Trump supporting officials in all electoral offices, Republican has reps everywhere, Trump is the incumbent, he's got majority in Senate, yet, Democrats still manage to rig or steal the election? How is that possible? Until you can prove anything, these are all just hot air and no substance. I like Trump (a bit) but there's a danger of destroying the country if all these election fraud allegations are not put to rest or substantiated with facts and proof.