Elections 2020 UPDATE: What’s Next? Viva & Barnes Live Stream

The day after the night before… There is still so much up in the air. Let’s do a recap and answer some questions.

#elections2020 #Elections2020Update #Elections2020Madness

Written by Viva Frei


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  2. They think trump so evil, so illegitimate that even this which of course they know is wrong that this justified. After all what would one not do to keep Putin's agent out? As usual, moral superiority justifies all.

  3. Biden Ref bringing down the temperature of the water, eyeballing Boiling Point behind Barnes there. This is wild witnessing this unfold in realtime. Thank you both for covering it.

  4. Rudy Giuliani has been collecting evidence of fraud. Check youtube. He is calling for people to come forward. Evidence is overwhelming. Biden is claiming victory knowingly cheating.

  5. If every ballot has a secret serial number (ie watermark), then they should easily be able to tell which ones were replaced manualy by poll workers, ie changing people's votes etc. Also, the mail system should be able to track all ballots and their routes, flagging the ones that came through the back door.

  6. The Massive Fraud such as Dead People who voted which is provable with empirical evidence, The "Glitch" which was from software used in 30 states that flipped 6000 votes to Biden

  7. I want to point out in Michigan the Secretary of State automatically registers to vote anyone who’s 18 and over who’s renewed their license since 2018. This happened to my sister who ABSOLUTELY did not want to register. She voted republican to give the finger to the democrat administration in our state.

  8. IF it winds up that Trump will not be President in 2021, I hope he puts Ric Grenell in as acting FBI director or CIA Dorector and Declassifies EVERYTING! I mean ALL of it! He asked for a Declass for 2 years!

  9. I did some number crunching for NJ, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
    In NJ, votes for president outnumber senate and house votes by 3%. This holds for Rep and Dem.
    In Michigan, votes for Biden outnumber senate and house votes by 3%. As for Trump, that number drops to 0.3%. It appears some Trump votes werent counted or thrown out, but not enough to swing the election. I'd say Biden actually won Michigan.
    In Wisconsin, shit is unreal. Votes for Biden outnumber house votes by 4%. Votes for Trump outnumber house votes by -3%. It looks like they pumped the Biden tally AND dropped the Trump Tally.

    Anyone living in Wisconsin's 2nd and 8th congressional districts got duped. Y'all need to recount and make sure those 'invalid' Trump votes get re-examined. The Biden Team stole Wisonsin.

  10. The best way for the powers that be to destroy and conquer the USA is to make it destroy itself. Historically, civil wars begin when there is no agreement about who is the true ruler, or when one sides refuses to accept the results of an election.
    I'm sorry Trump haters, you've been programmed to hate him.
    I'm sorry Trump supporters, he's corrupt too.
    Trump knew the voter fraud was coming. He's in on it. It's all part of the plan to destroy the US.

  11. Are there no consequences? After the Obamagate lies, the FBI and DOJ corruption, the political prosecutions, all of Crooked Hillary's crookedness, what happens if Trump loses? There will be consequences. Brett Weinstein, formerly of Evergreen college, interviewed Douglas Murray, and said he is very concerned about the backlash to leftist extremism. The guy is an evolutionary biologist, I think, and a pretty keen observer of human nature. When even decent, thoughtful people who claim to be on the left are concerned, that backlash is likely to come, and likely to be really bad.

  12. What’s even MORE obvious is that the Democrats refused to pass the Covid Stimulus package unless and until the Republican party would agree to scrap all the election safeguards and toss them in the trash.

  13. More censorship. Try to go to and it will tell you your connection isn't private and somebody my try to steal your information. Tim McVeigh was an idiot, going after the feds. The real authoritarians are in Silicon Valley.

  14. ANTIFA, Iowa caucus fiasco, Forceful shutdowns, Policemen getting targetted, Hobos increasing, high taxes, wars, 2020 elections fiasco, etc.
    Thanks, Dems!

  15. If Joe was an honest man, and thought he was being unjustly accused of benefiting from election fraud, he should be the loudest voice in the country demanding an investigation to clear his name. He's not doing that, becuause he knows he's stealing the election.

  16. the GOP establishment has colluded with the DNC and 3rd party actors (soros)

    the PEOPLE (both sides, all sides) MUST BE THE ONES RUNNING THE SHOW … all others must be expunged from government

  17. I appreciate your TRANSPARENT INTEGRITY..and that of your guests. That being stated..there is a SUBVERSIVE POLITICAL PARTY that has no intention of abiding 'lawfully'. AMERICAN LAWYERS had better realize THEIR HAND in this chicanery isn't going 'unnoticed'..or 'unaccounted'. Unethical conduct WILL BE DEALT WITH..sooner or later. There is NO FEAR within RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

  18. Y'all following Trump's claim that saying his unsubstantiated claims of fraud are not factually supported is somehow censorship is wild. You're clearly biased in favor of the Republican party and won't accept the logical and much simpler explanation that mail in votes that were insisted on not being counted before the 3rd being counted overnight went primarily blue due to Trump insisting his followers not use mail-in ballots, instead there must just be a massive conspiracy that is stacked against Trump. I ask you why Moscow Mitch is still in power if we stole the election through fraud we'd have been damn sure to oust him while we were at it.

  19. Wait.



    ROE v WADE level here

    We need congress to issue voter ID