Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty of Fraud [Theranos Trial Details]

An update to the last time we visited the Theranos saga.
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  1. Your entry in the clip is calling her „a brilliant thinker“?! She was exactly the opposite by taking absolutely no advice from experts who knew best. She was a naive idealist at most.

  2. This is a modern fable and thanks you for laying it out so well. It’s a complete indictment of our modern culture of start up culture greed and the sheer stupidity of people in power that we are forced to trust. She should be sent to prison for the full 80years. She got rich by scamming peoples health and promised a unicorn product to people too greedy to check the most basic facts. Worse she put people s lives at risk with no regard whatsoever for the consequences of her actions. On every level this is a story that shines the light on how fkd our capitalist society is. Not least a tail of blatant racist bias confirmation. Young white attractive Ivy League women promises wealth to older greedy male investors. I could go on. The sht doesn’t stop. At every level this is a take of our times. Throw the book at her.

  3. No, no! A cute, (sorta), young, (not anymore), blonde woman guilty of a crime? That can't be! Our mannequin-in-chief, stumbling Joe, must grant her clemency immediately, and she must walk out of that jail a free woman tomorrow at the latest!

  4. Well, the desire for revenge is certainly satisfied when you lock a person away for so many decades because of something like that. But justice? Probably not.
    The real problem are the many legal (economic) crimes that the big corporations and banks can commit without ever being held accountable.

  5. What pisses me off about this case is they get some refund to the investors only. They were supposed to evaluate the risk. They barely care about the money. Yet for the real victims here, patients with (sometimes fatal) misdiagnoses, no compensation exists. They also act like she acted alone, which is clearly untrue. A lot more people should go down for this and a lot more people should get their justice.

  6. Edison did the same thing with the lightbulb, ie, he had assistants sneakily swap their barely lasting bulbs so investors thought it was long lasting. The only difference is he eventually got it working for long time periods.

  7. God! What was she trying to do? It would be nice if you could do all the tests with a pin prick, but it has to work. She might be high IQ but If you are not a medical person you will not know the things you have to know. She was doing magical approaches. Arrogant, and psycho! Her case should be widely published.

  8. Justice was served I hope there isn't anything like bail my only problem is am sure no matter how a good manipulator she was she couldn't have pulled it off alone so I hope rats out her second in command

  9. At that point in history, any woman who dropped out of a decent university, and talked a good game, could have done the same thing. The dye job didn’t hurt. Fundamentally, people were simply ripe for a female version of Steve Jobs. And, even more fundamentally, people rely on notions of eugenics, because they are easy. Somewhere, right now, there is a short, dark-haired, less-pretty, minority woman, with a great idea that will never be heard. Humanity should be even more ashamed than it is.

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