Elizabeth Vos on Elon Musk Purchasing Twitter


Elizabeth Vos is an independent journalist, a contributor to Consortium News and Mintpress News, and the host of CNLive! In this clip, Vos shares her thoughts on Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.

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  1. 94 views. Yes, censorship via "the Algorithm". Until we have a democracy — rather than a corporatocracy — there will be no real "free" speech. And these tech monopolies will always be sharing our data and censoring dissent. P.S. Thanks for your work Primo

  2. My opinion is that Musk wanted his own way to gather massive information on people as Mega Fascist Book is making a new gambit of getting as much information someone as possible so that they can 'live forever'. Someone said something about a neurolink product. I don't know about that, but I do think he did this in his self interest even if just make himself more popular so he could run for president or something or improve his image. I think he is a douchebag as billionaires by definition are… The people ruling our government are ADDICTS for MORE Money, Power & Control regardless of the degree of destruction and devastation they cause. Buying Twitter is MORE control and why is better if your freedom of speech is in the hand of yet another billionaire??

  3. Nurp. Swing and a miss. Compared to who he bought it from -Saudis, Black Rock and Vanguard -this is a huge win for free speech and accountability at Twitter. Australians love govt controlled speech. Vos is trippin.

  4. You as many do use the title billionaire as a group. Obvious you haven't followed Tesla, SpaceX,boring co,neuralink and has consistently present himself as a man that means what he says and actually does something substantive countering one-narrative media

  5. I'm not a fan of Musk but I am enjoying the shitlib tears and screaming. I'm not going to hold my breath that he is a champion of free speech though, that's just fanbois searching desperately for a hero and its frankly pathetic. My greatest hope is that this is the high water mark for Twitter and its end times have come and Musk just wasted a bunch of money.

  6. What is the difference between Joe Biden and the Bush presidents? What is the difference between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan? What is the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump?

  7. I think Obama timed that speech when he did bc Elon was about to buy twitter. It’s unbelievable how they’ve sold censorship as a good thing to Americans. Now the most silly gifs get warnings for “sensitive content.” One I posted was the communist flag, I wonder what’s up w that. Lol 😎

  8. Contrary to what Thatcher and her cohorts had against public monopolies in Mail,Electricity,Gas,Coal, water , Health service ,Publ;ic transport upon which they waged a propaganda war against. 30 Years on, the propaganda war now see the rising oligarchy having a growing monopoly on all of these here in the UK. AS for the USA we are sadly not far behiind in loss of public control of essential utilities and services. Most all those in our governments have sold out too and fail to stand up for democracy and the public they are meant to support. Sack the lot and take them before public courts for crimes against the people !!!

  9. If you want to understand, why Musk bought Twitter, watch videos from Thunderf00t and Common Sense Sceptic. Musk's only chance to stay rich and become richer is, that he controlles the narrative on Tesla and all his con jobs. But I am sure, he wants to bring you "free speech" on Russia i.e. – oh wai … there are laws, which prohibit that.

  10. OFFS, her opening statement proves she knows nothing. Someone clever said doing th same thing multiple times and expecting a different result means yer mental. Well PPL keep voting Democrat and got sick of it Trump was something different proving all the dumb trump voters are not mental just bloody desperate. I suppose that also means the system needs fixing.

  11. How original- a journo who thinks she's really clever and so above it all by explaining to us naves all about how Elon is just some rich guy. Thanks for educating us, we would’ve never understood! Because you know the job of a journalist is to kill positive public sentiment

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