Ellen DeGeneres apology backfires! Mocked as tone deaf and disrespectful!

Ellen DeGeneres has returned for her shows 18th season, and she quickly addressed everything that’s happened over the past few months.

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. I've never liked Ellen's show but today I was at physical therapy and the therapists had the tv tuned to her show. I don't know the name of her guest because I don't keep up with this crap, something about a woman filming her pregnancy. The other was about Star Trek Beyond, Picard, and the lower decks cartoon. they were praising the shows and how the shows have reignited an interest in Star Trek. I laughed to myself because I know what a joke Star Trek has become.

  2. Isn’t she rich enough to have a top notch PR person/damage control fixer or someone (all our comments) to tell her she ain’t doing it right. She must be smart enough to know the non apology wasn’t gonna fly.
    You’re right she is only doing it to get viewers back for money she doesn’t give a dam.

  3. The problem with Ellen apologizing for bad experiences from THE SHOW ITSELF was that every single complaint, for the MOST part, was about absolutely aggregious and indefensible treatment from Ellen, PERSONALLY. Sorry, Ellen, but ya can't apologize 'on behalf of unknown mistakes by your STAFF to the woman who left your show upon having her baby to go somewhere else who allows days off and benefits- who you BEGGED- LITERALLY BEGGED, to come back, then fired her immediately with no explanation. Or for the W/B cast members 50th birthday where they had a chef come in and grill steaks for a fancy lunch- and you made them stop because YOU DO NOT EAT MEAT. You're an arsehole, Ellen. You can't blame THAT on your staff.

  4. Im not a fan of Ellen altho I do appreciate her contribution to facilitate increased visibility for glbtq communities. Her humor and acting suck but what really turned me off was her juvenile, sadistic need to ‘scare’ her guests. She seems twisted, narcissistic. Time for Ellen to retire. Replace her with a more evolved lesbian!??✌?

  5. Don’t know if you saw the 1990s Demolition Man movie with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone? That featured a townhall meeting of TVs. Just like this shambles! Only that was a witty send-up of Urban life styles of the Rich and Pointless.

  6. It not about how she was treated people it about her selling kids on line she is home arrest with Oprah whinfrey sex trafficking kids both them home arrest ankle monitor she is wearing one

  7. Don't like this person always gave me the impression of FALSENESS but it looks that even the LGBT community has BULLIES once a bully always a bully I suppose a leopard never changes

  8. I used to love Ellen DeGeneres because of her sitcom about 20 years ago. I always thought that she was really nice because on her sitcom she was such a sweet person so I naturally thought that was probably her in real life too. Man will let down that is!!! She is stuck on her self thinks her farts don't stink, self righteous, and UNdigniried!!! She really needs to get over herself!!! Ellen Devileneres!!!