Elon BRINGING BACK Vine To Compete With TikTok | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar examine Elon Musk’s plan to bring back video sharing app Vine and compete with TikTok for Gen Z users

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Vinay Prasad:

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  1. In light of yesterday's story about DHS and the FBI working in coordination with large social media companies in censoring and suppressing content and accounts; you have to wonder how these backdoor systems are interfacing with TikTok. I imagine, not at all. Or at least at the same level, given its Chinese affiliations. In fact, you genuinely have to wonder; did TikTok succeed because DHS and the FBI weren't heavily involved in shaping the content of the platform? Was the audience drawn to TikTok because certain topics, individuals, and discussions were suppressed on American-based platforms? In other words; was TikTok more attractive because it wasn't so (American) government-manipulated, and ultimately—authentic? At least on some level.

  2. Why can't TikTok spin off as a US corporation subject to US laws, stock distributed to all current owners but also new stock issued and sold (1 new share per old share), to dilute and diversify ownership, 3 years of restrictions and govt oversight to make sure China doesn't retain undue influence, and after that it's just another US social media company.

  3. What make tiktok really explode, was the crossover, you dont have to have tiktok (app) to see tiktoks (short videos), you can download the content or link, and then share it to facebook, whatsapp, imessage, instagram, snapchat, desktop; without the necessity to download the app or create an account.

  4. Saagar keeps iterating “because its american” like it matters or is better, ppl here dont even drive our own cars for the most part because it sucks, and like all aspect of our current culture, use the patriotism card about choices to sell crap. We just dont have the excellence anymore because we got fat, lazy, and way too comfortable… meanwhile you go out to some place like japan and they’ll treat you like a king anywhere without thinking about 20-50% tip in service sector, everything is working in public places whereas back home in the states, 3 out of 4 faucets in any public bathroom is broken, places and spaces looks dirty and disgusting like they’ve been abandoned for decades.

  5. I've never understood why Twitter didn't do this themselves way before Elon. It was popular and the original short form video platform. Maybe a little bit early, but when Tik Tok started to absolutely explode and IG copied them just to make sure they don't get left in the dust several years ago, shouldn't that have been considered a good reason to bring Vine back?? It really makes you wonder why the whole C suite were compensated millions every year when literally the only noticeable change the floundering pre-Elon Twitter anytime in the last several years was canceling people and inhibiting free speech.

  6. Who cares if someone is copying TikTok? Someone needs to do it to remove control from China. If it's done well, people would prefer having their data stored with America.

  7. I’m curious to see how YouTube shorts works out next year once YouTube monetizes it. A lot of creators are gonna be drawn to the revenue stream, which will be far far better than tik tok.

  8. This is ballsyier than first meets the eye. Elon depends on China for a lot right?
    So let's compete with their big Spyware app!

    I think vine being brought back could work awesome to bump tik tok off its I'll deserved podium. Tik tok rips off their music, without any compensation to artists and bands and gives basically no cut to creators.

  9. I don't think people realize how bad an idea it is to copy Tik Tok. It is in the nature of social media platforms to consolidate the entire market. If nobody you know or content creators you love change platform (which always causes them to lose followers in the short term and is therefor an unattractive proposition) nobody is going there to be part of a smaller community. Only YouTube really stands a chance with shorts, even though I despise that feature, because it already has the userbase for it.

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