ELON BUYS TWITTER!! Implications for the culture of free speech | Biomedicine | Censorship | COVID19

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Interesting monologue that unfortunately displays not even the slightest awareness of the human condition. Free speech isn't the default condition, it's a failing experiment that although the idea was most visibly enshrined in the First Amendment is really just a post-WWII phenomenon executed imperfectly at best. Fascism is the default human condition and shutting down opponents is what we Homo sapiens do, have always done and will always do.

    Musk might try but he'll fail because you can't override our hardwired evolutionary behaviors at the macro level.

  2. I agree with you on almost everything but I believe your characterization of Trump is prejudiced by your Liberal lean and the incessant “Fake News” about him. He was proven correct on most of his claims that Big Tech, the Main Stream Media and the Democrats lied about him. Including the Russia Collusion scandal, the fact that his campaign was spied upon, the fact that he called white supremacist “fine people” …… Keep in mind the information we

  3. Fascinating to watch Vinay slowly transform into a libertarian over the last 2 years – "If we give government controls to regulate speech, sooner or later it will be abused". YUP! That's why they must be kept out.

  4. Of course Obama wants more censorship. He and his ilk have benefited enormously from big Tech censorship and monopolizing the public square; it's about time for that to end!

  5. Stop being LIberal. The Liberal side are bad actors and hopefully your world view will change. These Left wing things you disagree with are not small beliefs, they are what the Left stands for. The Right stands for freedom and I think you agree, but, like Bill Maher, you have a tough time cutting the chord. You can.

  6. 10:00 actually it was the legacy media attacking Trump et al that created the “fake news” meme. Trump just weaponized it against them. I’m not a Trump supporter and don’t vote. I’m only saying this to correct the minor factual error in your statement.

  7. 6:04 I was watching a video from What is Going on With Shipping? w/Sal Mercogliano who has been covering the grounding of the Ever Forward in Chesapeake bay. He covered a TikTok video posted by someone who had the opportunity to go out in a boat to get a good look at the stuck ship and the nearby dredgers. This person''s contribution to this unfolding saga was great. But in talking about what he was filming, the guy make some technically incorrect statements – which was understandable since by his own admission, he was not an expert on this. Sal, who is more knowledgeable, reviewed the technical errors, explained the actual facts of the matter, but was nevertheless extremely appreciative of the video even tho it came with some "misinformation."
    Alongside censorship, is the idea, that the regular Joe Schmo should just keep his mouth shut and allow the "experts" to speak. If this idea had been applied here, then Joe Schlmo would have never seen fit to get a ride on the boat, capture the action live and to post it.
    "Hey that is the port authorities' job." 🙄
    And everyone who was interested in the topic, even the 'expert,' would have missed out on some cool ideas/information.
    I am always reminded of the incident where a very large piece of equipment being transported and was stuck by a bridge that was an inch or so too low to allow safe passage. And it was a little boy bystander who advised the grownups overseeing the transportation who suggested, "Why don't you let the air out the tires?"

  8. May Elon Musk do the right thing now. If he does what he says he will do, and if it turns out to be economically viable, the rest of social media will follow. This is what must happen.

  9. Twitter is such a big platform that it's basically the global town square. While I am a libertarian, it might be possible to conceive that a small platform (less than 100k people, that's one metric used for determining whether a place is a city; N.B.: the words city and citizenship are etymologically linked) could have its own private restrictions, but once you get past one lakh people, the right to speaking freely about any given topic should not be impinged. This is because we start getting into issues like interstate commerce and fundamental civil liberties as more and more people from all over the world communicate on a series of issues. In conclusion, I wish Elon Musk could buy YouTube as well, but I doubt the Google Gestapo is willing to fork it over.

  10. I get that these are private companies. However, these companies faced massive govt pressure to censor, both from our govt and foreign govts. They have been threatened and investigated in an attempt to force them to censor. And, the companies have responded in kind. So, while still private companies, they have become defacto agents of the govt (and foreign govts) when it comes to the control of information.

    We have to be absolutely clear here, much of what has been blocked was 100% accurate when it was blocked. Lab leak hypothesis, cloth masks, catching/spreading covid despite being vaccinated, and more (just Covid related). Hunter Biden's lap top story (declared to be false and Russian disinformation). There were attorneys blocked for explaining why Kyle Rittenhouse didn't break the law by transporting his rifle. Referring to Rittenhouse as a victim would get you blocked.

    Facebook had to admit in court that their "fact checkers" were just enforcing an opinion, not actually fact checking. The legacy media reports falsehoods day in, day out, with no repercussions and no pressure from the govt to stop. But lets worry about Musk.

  11. Thank you for being so objective and rational and honest in declaring your political bent. So “alt middle”. All we should ask for is that despite our opinions we are all playing on a level playing field and by the same rules.

  12. Just one more comment, please, before I go (in light of Dr. Prasad's thoughts towards the end): when I think of Twitter, I imagine it as a flaming trash can. That would be a cool avatar for Twitter! A grimy steel dumpster with a fire inside!

  13. One of these days, that damn disclaimer (under your video, on everyone's FB, Instagram, Twitter posts) is going to read "Get the latest information on…(disease xyz) from Dr. Prasad"

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