Elon Musk Announces He’s QUITTING Voting Democrat And Will Now Vote Republican, GOP Red Wave Coming

Elon Musk Announces He’s QUITTING Voting Democrat And Will Now Vote Republican, GOP Red Wave Coming. Elon Musk has said the left has gone to far and lost the middle and has criticized joe Biden recently.

The move is predictable as so many of us feel the same way. Democrats have embraced a growing insanity among the left and have changed so dramatically that former liberals are looking to vote Republican for the first time ever.

A red wave is coming with republicans expected to sweep in the 2022 Midterms.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  2. The whole framing of abortion as a black and white issue is wrong. You can claim life begins and conception, but no one would argue that a mass of undifferentiated stem-cells is a person. But on the flip side, what the left is advocating for is infanticide.
    The reality is, a line must be drawn somewhere between the two extremes and the whole debate is simply over where that line should be. Even in highly progressive Europe, abortions are limited to somewhere between the first 12 to 14 weeks. Sweden is the most progressive at 18 weeks which is still only halfway through a pregnancy.

  3. Most Republicans I know, have moved somewhat to the left. Where they used to be completely anti-abortion under any circumstances, they are now accepting of abortion up to a point. Unfortunately, all the evil attempts to legalize abortion to birth, has pushed many of them back to anti-abortion.

  4. Everyone is so happy that Elon Musk is coming out as a republican and they just love him so much, until he disagrees with something, then all of a sudden, he's a RINO

  5. What took so long? He actually made electric cars that people want, which is basically the holy grail of the left, and still got kicked out of their party.

  6. Tim pool avoids talking about Buffalo shooting by an alleged fan, instead puts the focus on Elon musk’s vote and freedom to say racially charged attacks on twitter,

  7. My question for Tim: Do you see adoption and the foster care system in a qualitative good state right now? How can the government provide a healthy upbringing for children with handicaps?

  8. Tim, you gotta get rolling tomassi of the rational male to discuss abortion. He broke down Florida stats on the reasons women abort and most of them are not the “hard cases” the left keeps talking about.

  9. Not sure about legally, but simply from a human perspective, I'd consider parents more "next of kin" than spouse. Sure, parents normally don't live with their adult children, but that biological connection, and arguably the emotional one too, is much deeper. Also, "divorce" isn't a thing with parent/child.

  10. As a pro lifer in general, the nuance lacking in abortion related debate is: When mom or baby's life is at risk of death or terminal conditions, why does the child have to be full fledged aborted or not like a binary choice? Why not just induce birth or remove the child from the womb, and if it lives it lives and if it dies it dies?

  11. Truth is, Tesla cannot even come close to meeting the demand for cars so Elon had a creative idea, how can I ensure Teslas go to good people? How can I avoid having to pick who wins and loses? Hmmm, Eureka Elon exclaims! I shall buy Twitter, and go to great lengths to piss off liberal elites!
    Let them cancel their Tesla orders, let the good hardworking people have their orders met and I won’t have to lift a finger to make it happen! Ps- don’t believe silly evil lies about me!

  12. Well, not only is the right no more extreme than they have ever been, on many things, they've even moved leftward. So not only are they NOT any more right than they ever have been, they ARE less to the right on many things, so LESS right overall today.

  13. There should be a law against cutting up children for something they will regret in the future. We cannot allow children to make adult decisions. I can’t believe I’m even talking about it, we need to go back 12 years and start over again before all of this Wokeizim started.

  14. Hey Tim…..I like you guys, and have been giving money for a while now. However, times are getting lean and I need to trim the fat. I want to stop my auto payments to you every month, but there's apparently no easy way to do that. I've emailed you and tried calling the phone number on my credit card statement(which oddly isn't set up to take voicemails). Not getting anywhere with that. So, maybe I'll just put this message on all your videos to help others avoid this problem. Any chance you might pay attention?

  15. Wow that he sure is brave.. honestly I wouldn't blame him if he just said he would vote democratic an really vote republican.
    Republican wouldn't hold how he votes against him, but democrats sure are going too

  16. There is no proper solution to the abotion issue. If abortion is banned, adoption agencys will see a massive surge or "mysterious" issues arise with the pregnant mom and the child miscarries. Even worse yet, if women are forced to keep a child they dont want and cant send them to adoption, the child is going to grow up in a resentful home. Abortion up to 12 weeks seems like the least taxing stop gap on this no win problem. Anything after 12 weeks I am against cause my cousin survived being born at 15 weeks. He is now 16 years old and a typical angsty teen. Lul.

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