Elon Musk Becomes National Security Threat Over Buying Twitter….What A Joke

Priorities, priorities.

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  1. It's just so amazing how blatantly they are trying to control all means of communication and people still think they're the 'good guys' I'm telling you pay lip service to a few special interest groups and the thin skinned populace will vote for you forever.

  2. Pointing out the obviousness of how much of a joke this is dude why dont you get to the real news, this is all controlled bs meant to distract you all and to keep laughing or complaining about the problems, get up and do something or atleast invest in knowledge of the show that this is.

  3. The thing is it wouldn’t be a “national security risk” unless the government and Twitter have be doing things they shouldn’t, which we know they have.
    They’re worried Elon will whistle blow their illegal actions.

  4. These people panicking when a guy who gives no fuck about lies, like Musk, cleans twitter…. 2 months before the year of electoral campaign.

    And what she suggesting in this video, is exactly what the feds do to Tony Stark at iron man 2

  5. musk is just another plutocrat, but hes a true anarchist in the sense, he doesn´t bow to their censorship or threats of restricted speech and upholds freedom of speech. elon is a wildcard, hes untamed, an entrepreneur that just does what he wants. thats what governments never liked, thats what they fear. a man of history who carves his history into human history, not an puppet of another elite that shapes history they can control.

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