Elon Musk Buys Twitter & Dems Lose It

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and Democrats are furious that this might open the door to free speech on the Internet.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. For decades, we've had billionaires own and control the news outlets we get our information from – this has led to disastrous consequences in my view. Climate denial, heightened racial tension and misinformation about welfare systems. These themes have been carefully crafted by wealthy individuals to keep us divided and distracted. Twitter being purchased by a billionaire is just another example of how big money is given free rein to corrupt and control the types of information the masses get exposed to.

    If Elon Musk was truly serious about Twitter needing to be the public 'town square' where ideas are freely exchanged, then he must answer these two questions:

    1) Why is he making the company private? Calling yourself a 'free-speech absolutist' but then appointing yourself to determine what is to be deemed 'free speech' or not seems contradictory to me. If Elon was really invested in running twitter for the people, should the company be in private hands?

    2) Why has his company, Tesla, aggressively worked to undermine the free speech and union organising of its employees? In 2019, a court literally upheld a ruling that Elon Musk had illegally threatened workers against forming unions. How will this affect the types of algorithms that Elon will want for Twitter once he's in control?

    This is not just about Musk. This is about the future of how societies structure their news sources. The acquisition of all our major news institutions by mega-wealthy people with private agendas of their own is deeply worrying to me.

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  3. Which platforms don't require a cell phone # in order to use? Twitter does. Telegram does. I had to appeal Twitter to get un-suspended, and having to authenticate without active cell # was problematic. Telegram wouldn't allow sign-up without one.

  4. Before I begin to hear your video Primo, I’m worried how the populis of this movement you are part of risks to glorify Elon Musk as probably many of that movement coincide with the ones of cryptos and new star trek star wars f which Elon Musk is considered the paladin and👍👎 maker.
    He is a fraud and the true poison pill for this movement.
    He has bought others dreams and creations to make them his.
    IMO Elon Musk has bought Twitter to manage and create a narrative from all the upcoming nightmares with the trial on Musks nepotism in forcing the acquisition by Tesla of his cousins’ SolarCity when it was a fraud and sinking ship, its not me to say that but one of the big four consulting firm.

  5. Why are all these shitlibs on Twitter saying Elon blocked them on his own personal account and they’re thinking that’s anti-free-speech how fucking stupid are they .it’s one person not wanting to listen to you. God people are so fucking stupid.

  6. I must say you focusing on 420 and 69 instead of him accusing of pedophilia and unleashing his millions of dogs towards a diver that was a true hero in the moment of need wasnt cool. and not someone who tried to monetise upon or peacock that moment of media buzz

  7. He did Not Full once and I as a Latina be dammed if Biden and his cohorts Full Me twice! The woman leaves in June! Good riddance! Will not vote democrats if they become dog catchers. 3er party or No Vote at all!

  8. I don't see why anyone is defending musk however, still don't pay his taxes like the rest of oligarchs, profiteered to obscene degree from these criminal mandates and lockdowns like all the other oligarchs, pays himself more than he will ever be worth same as the rest, get subsidized by tax payers same as the rest while avoiding his fair share. Ffs people actually think he is the good oligarch? Short memories AF

  9. I would say…as to your determination that censorship "has been going on for years" is SPOT ON.

    The obvious next question is…(outside of the ones you've engaged) for who and how many and for how many years? From what I can determine regarding "Manufacturing Consent" the original copyright is 1988, althought there appears an update in 2022….? I guess…?

    And oh wait…do we REALLY need to do history? I mean, think about it.

    Since WHEN has censorship NOT been a thing to the powerful, misleading outrightly lying sycophants and psychopaths?

    I think never.

    Disturbing….isn't it.

  10. It's crazy how the leftist media is acting worried about getting certain views de-platformed and having censorship when that's what they were doing.

    It's like they're somehow able to dupe their own into thinking they haven't done anything wrong and by being so vocal about these actions they fear they make it seem like it wasn't happening before.

    They're so wickedly disingenuous

  11. I don't see this any different than what Musk has always done. Elon Musk has always bought companies with potential and okay performance and created hype around them to profit through the publicity he has generated. If they perform well he keeps them, if not he continues to create more hype and then suddenly dump it on the fools who were sucked in. That has been his modus operandi all his life.

  12. I'm no fan of Elon, so I don't have great hopes, but I try to judge people on actions rather than cheap talk. So we'll see I guess. But imagine people being more outraged over this rather than Bill Gates owning most of our farmlands? 🤣😂🤣 fucking ridiculous!

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