Elon Musk Buys Twitter & Liberals Freak Out!

After much media speculation, debate and fearmongering, the decision has finally come down: Elon Musk will be purchasing Twitter, reportedly for something approaching $45 billion. The Tesla CEO promises to bring free speech back to Twitter, while his detractors say the multibillionaire will ruin the social media platform by giving free rein to the kind of unbridled ugliness and vitriol that populates other unregulated outlets.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the freakout among liberals over the prospect of an unfettered Musk-led Twitter.

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  1. What has Alex Jones like about, specifically? He is unhinged, I will give you that but lied about what? The fact is Alex Jones has been correct about a shit ton of stuff.

  2. I still cannot believe that this happened… it is similar to win Donald Trump beat Hillary for president. WHAT! Something GOOD happened in the world??? WHAT! Common sense PREVAILED???

  3. I don't think open source means what Jimmy thinks it is. It's not about transparency, it's about not hiding the source code away from potential modification by other users or coders. Am I right?

  4. Me thinks, that this is the first time an 'outsider' purchased Silicon Valley functioning property, hence the outrage from Silcon Valley minions.

  5. Nothing will change much. People will come back but then someone will threaten legal action for something posted on there and they will start removing stuff again.
    Musk has worked with the Chinese government to censor people previously, used his power/money to stop reporters reporting on him too and blocks people who talk shit about him so we will have to see.

  6. 13:00 Kurt is absolutely right, I grew up on sites like 4chan over a decade ago. The freedom availed in expression was liberating. I realized that everyone is different, and when everyone is put on the same human level, an equilibrium is created. Yeah there were weirdos and crazies, but that just offered more opportunity for insight and comedy for the rest of us. There were reasons (even if subconscious) that societies kept, so called "Lunatics" around and not in asylums back in the day. Their off-kilter ways of thinking can often provide for perspectives that the majority would never think of. Only when you push those voices and the other "Undesirables" to the margins do you get this toxic feedback loop of "Crazies" only talking to other crazies, with no voices of critique, criticism, or explanation…

  7. If you think that this ConMan Oligarch bought Twitter so that Dingus religious freaks will be able to post Agitation Propaganda about vaccination programs you are probably waiting for the hyperloop Tesla to arrive. The Musky Messiah now has a bullhorn to fulfill his fondest Pump And Dump fantasies of market manipulation. What will stop this Enemy of the demos from manipulating the Twit Algorithm to accomplish this mass propagation of ruthless and truthless 4 profit BullShit?
    Jimmy Dore so right about Ukraine so wrong about so much else.

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