Elon Musk Calls Out U.N. PEDOPHILIA | Louder With Crowder

Does U.N. stand for United Nations or Useless Nitwits?

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“Eat My Butt”

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  1. Contributions to WFP in 2020 | World Food Programme..$482.484.681 .Where does it all go? Evidently,not where it is supposed to…. Remember they were given the Nobel Peace Prize over Trump.. What a joke! As far as pedophilia. look no further than the left and the and the elite of the world.

  2. One of the many problems with the UN is the kind of people it attracts. What motivated, hardworking person aspires to be a UN staffer/admin.

    Undoubtedly, from the top down, the UN is pulling candidates from the same pool as federal departments, admin workers from city hall, etc.

  3. Money doesn’t fix poverty or hunger. The US has spent billions on the “war on poverty” and we have the exact same amount of poverty as when they started.

  4. I swear the left believe that the rich have a vault like Scrooge McDuck, where they keep coins that they can just hand out. They don't have liquidity that is equal to their estimated wealth.

  5. The unbelievably ironic thing is that 3rd World Countries DESPERATELY need Fossil Fuel resources to build infrastructure and climb out of poverty. These scumbag Leftist are literally either Blackmailing or creating Extortion rackets to rob the wealthy of money THEY earned.

  6. "they're worse for the environment" is what keeps you where you are. That little moment there exposes that you have an agenda. But whatever, who cares. You're the new media, you're not any different than fox although you're completely different. Tomato's tomatoes

  7. Is it any wonder that people from these poor countries fly planes into our buildings.
    I can see it now. "HI I'm a UN representative from America. I'm here to help you. Pull your pants down and bend over."

  8. Yeah no. The evangelical church has not done even close to the most. The Catholic Church has been doing charity work with the sick for centuries, we are the reason hospitals even exist in the first place. Other than that, he's right.

  9. It's funny…
    Mark SuckerTurdz wants people to hang out in his imagination and virtual world all day….
    Elon Musk wants to help humanity with his fortune, while Mark is banging his fists wondering how to get more of your money and privacy!
    I don't know man… lol, it's not a hard choice of who to think is doing good is all I'm saying….

  10. I remember South Africa 92-93 as those blue helmets facilitated the suffering of many as we brought in food for nothing other than to strengthen the warlords position of power. Your military couldn’t stand the UN then and would have loved nothing more than to do the right thing over political expedience. As history keeps proving, nothing happens without outrage and video proof for the media to spin. If only I knew then what I know now. We were serving each other, not the best interest of our country and certainly not the right we signed up for. F the UN! Get them off our soil!

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