Elon Musk Delivers EPIC CNN Smackdown Over Lies, CNN REFUSES To Correct, Doubles Down With Fake News

Elon Musk Delivers EPIC Smackdown of CNN Over Lies, CNN Doubles Down With Fake News. Elon Musk did a heroic thing recently, he worked to get emergency ventilators to various hospitals in the US.

As no good deed goes unpunished CNN decided to run fake news making Elon Musk look bad.

Musk fired back slamming CNN over their lies and many were quick to point out that CNN didn’t bother to fact check their story and as it turns out Elon was right and CNN was wrong.

Instead of owning up to their mistake CNN decided to argue semantics claiming that the ventilators he sent weren’t the high quality invasive ventilators they thought he would send.

CNN Seems to do anything possible to make Trump, Republicans, and any one trying to make things better look bad. Of course as Democrats just call for more scandals CNN just runs their narratives uncritically

Its almost like they want the chaos

It makes sense, chaos is good for their ratings.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Cnn: your job doesn't matter, getting ventilators to hospitals doesn't matter, having more important work to do doesn't matter. If you don't reply, we say whatever we want.

  2. CNN helped start a war in Balkans, Serbia split apart, so CNN is war friendly, they made money from war industry back then … they don't have patriotism, they don't like the truth, close CNN we don't need this.

  3. Mainstream in Canada started getting their bailouts ramped up last fall just before our last federal "election" when the incumbent PM announced more money for government approved "trusted media". Not a good idea for a democracy unless you want to become a communist dictatorship. Our PM has openly stated the type of government he admires is the Chinese dictatorship.

  4. anybody else having issues where you look for a tim cast video but have to go find one and it says you didn't sub but you subbed weeks ago? its like it resets or someones turnning it off

  5. This just demonstrates that CNN are Fake News! They did this to the kids that were wearing MAGA hats last year at the March for Life in Wash. DC. They almost got the teens killed bc CNN said the kids attacked this old Indian man beating a drum. They did not fact check and it turned out that it was the old man, who was an activist, who attacked the kids who were there waiting for a bus and singing school songs. CNN was sued for 250 million dollars and the 16 year old won. The 16 year old is suing others and I hope they win.

  6. CPAP and BiPap (I use a BiPap) machines increase the pressure in your airway to prevent it from closing off while you sleep. They are NOT ventilators. They do not require intubation. They are non-invasive. With a Cpap CONSTANT positive pressure is applied. A Bipap will reduce that pressure as you exhale. A ventilator actually pumps the air in and out and completely controls your breathing. It is invasive. The other machines are not. You have to be just about dead (unable to breathe with a very low pulse-ox) before you're put on a ventilator. The real news is that 88% of people put on the ventilators die, while near 100% of people who got treated in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber survived.

  7. CNN channel is just about lots of fake journalists who criticized all day long about people they don't like,each journalist comes on every hour they keep repeated same stories over and over all day and facts but just making up stories

  8. One would almost think that the entirety of CNN is filled with idiotic flat earthers. Again, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER puts out more actual news than CNN.

  9. heres the thing, its hard to argue against bailouts because the gvmnt made everyone close so they should cover the costs.

  10. Or they want to confuse the issues to assist their Marxist controllers in their efforts to disrupt society, by denying the public access to real news

  11. They're only doing this so that Democrats can demand that the money only goes to the government and they get to decide what to "buy." Which is usually re-election campaign funds for Hillary.

  12. You know, I think somebody at CNN has it out for Musk for some reason. I've noticed that in their finance news they almost always give a negative review of Tesla and I thint they're one of the few that do this. I've always wondered what the beef is and who at CNN have a beef with Musk.

  13. Not a dime to these people. I'm not paying taxes to pay for a failed business model "orange man bad." Don't most socialist countries control the press, no need here, they are one in the same.