Elon Musk Explains Why Alex Jones Is Not Allowed Back On Twitter




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  1. Everyone that broke no rules, didn't harazz anyone, should be automatically get their acct back. No excuses!
    The rules about "offending someone" don't count, I'm offended you don't follow the Constitution!

  2. Receipt of the Alex Jones conspiracy: research mr. William Cooper and his video accusing him and also millennial millie who was working under his umbrella until she was betrayed by Alex Jones when she broke the story of the exactly way they were about to cheat the elections. She got silenced and they have treated to take her children and she was arrested by the FBI

  3. Not too long ago police followed "doctrine for negotiation" and something terrible happened. I could see that same doctrine looking super suspicious 15 years ago but no one was educated enough to see it, "brass lies to the top". I'm sure if anyone knows the truth it will be a tachyon artificial intelligence 1000 years in the future.

  4. I don’t mind Alex. I don’t think he should be silenced. But I mean there is no evidence that it was fake and so much evidence that it happened. Don’t be like the psycho leftist and only pull pieces of information out that align with what you think happened. We should be ones to call him a dick for this but move on with letting him speak cause he does hit the nail on the head a lot.

  5. he has no use for those that would use a child's death for politics or fame. well there goes the entire democrat party from twitter. every incident they are out their banging their lips together for political clout and attention. don't believe me, lets look at the school shooters and others recently.
    uvalde. they had him on their radar and had interactions with him. not on the no bang bang no pew pew for you list,.
    the 4th of july shooter… same thing, had weapons confiscated from him and not put on the no bang bang no pew pew for you list.
    the buffalo shooter. threatened to shoot up a school a year before. FBI involved, state police involved. not put on the no bang bang no pew pew for you list.
    the shooter of the club in Colorado last year threatened to blow up a house. red flag laws ignored.
    the idiot that shot up a church in Texas several years back. the chair force kicked him out for domestic violence and was required by federal law to put him on the no bang bang no pew pew for you list…we all know what happened then and how that went..
    almost every mass shooter has "been on the radar" by authorities and no red flag laws were used but the democrats jump on TV withing 20 minutes of the news of a shooting saying if you vote for us we will stop this. those acts are profiting from a child's death and gathering money to get re-elected to do nothing but all this to happen while at the same time attacking the rights of law abiding citizens that do not get "on the radar" of authorities for things like speaking out at a school board meeting.

    so Elon needs to back up his words with some action.

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