Elon Musk In SHAMBLES As REAL Number Of People Who Claimed To Quit Twitter Revealed!

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  1. You can make Twitter clones all day long, what you can't create is the unhinged sense of privileged ownership these nimrods have, which is why they will never leave, and why they will keep us supplied with fresh meme juice forever.

  2. Who cares how many people quit. Twitter will go bankrupt anyway. Elmo is not the savvy business man everybody thinks he is. Elmo won't be able to pay interest for his twitter loan within a year……

  3. I'm not returning back to Twitter, unless Elon Musk can guarantee 100% that Twitter is political neutral, and every single Twitter woke staffs get fired. TOS doesn't give any staffs the rights to offend anyone, with retard liberalism.

  4. What if Ellen Barkin had been wedded to Alan Arkin?

    What, then, would have been her nomenclature? Was she called "Ellen Barkin" because she was a dog? None of the celebrities uses a real name, nor a real biography, nor real age. Two celebrities might be the same person using birthdays 20 years apart, but born halfway in between those birthdays. Example is Shirley Jones and Hillary Clinton, who are the same person.

  5. If you are going to leave Twitter, just leave. You do not have to announce it to anyone. Most of these people will never leave Twitter, unless something better comes along.

  6. all this proves is that progressives are just as brainwashed and trapped by stockholm syndrome as conservatives. this just proves that the NSA / CIA has won. Look at what happened with FOX – they turned on conservatives in 2020 – and sure enough, all the right conservatives have forgotten how they got shafted. Bottom line is that 99% of society is no better than a dumb copper top battery – there to power the matrix.

  7. I love that NYT article- what a hivemind bunch of hack shills that thing's turned into. Frightened reporters- afraid to write the truth for fear of getting canceled by their co-workers, who are supported by their bosses.

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