Elon Musk is Going Through with $44 Billion Twitter Buyout – “X” The Everything App

Elon Musk will be going through with the merger and taking Twitter private. Will this mean that Twitter will become the free speech platform that everyone was hoping for?

The Counter Signal:


Elon’s first day at twitter:

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  1. love you long time Clyde… don't know how u do this w dyslexia or whadjamacallit but u do got sum speciall big brain schtuff happnin, also miss Omar Algebra… will never forget – did u see that sanctimonious vid of him just wanting to have another good day ? oh. my. dog. Love the digital space really….

  2. When it was first announced, I was very glad that Musk was gonna buy Twitter. I was a bit let down when he had said he was cancelling his purchase. I figured that was the end of that. Surprise, surprise with this new, conclusive, news that Musk was going through with the deal! I can't wait to see how he will turn Twitter around from it's practices of old! EDIT: Let me add that I wouldn't be joining Twitter, as I don't think I have a need for it. Other than YouTube/Rumble/Truth Central, I've not joined any of the social media outlets. All of the news and factual channels, such as Clyde's here, that I need, are already here on here and on Rumble/Truth Central. Thank you for providing us all with some extremely informative content.

  3. Careful now. This is likely just another smoke & mirrors event. Aren't they simply trying to silence the emerging TRUTH social media platform ? Customer retention effort taken to the extreme.

  4. Heard this tune almost a year ago…
    Hopefully Elon actually takes action this time.
    Otherwise, the dude is just full of crap and just likes messing with libs, which is totally fine.
    But we the people need to be able to communicate without fear and censorship, especially now with WW3 around the corner due to blind support from the ignorant.

  5. God bless our tech oligarch overlords especially the ones in business with intelligence and military industrial complex. Our benevolent billionaire class cares so, so much..

  6. My worry is that Musk is a Trojan Horse. On one hand we have the WEF crowd tell us we're all getting chips in our brains at the same time Musk is developing that tech. Now he's saying he needs Twitter to develop his everything app X. I personally do not like the sound of an everything app and I hope it isn't a gateway to a digital ID for a social credit app.

    I'll wait and see if this guy does good or sucks us in.

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