Elon Musk Is WORRIED He Was Vaccine Injured!

Like many people who dutifully fell in line and got the COVID vaccine as soon as it was available, Elon Musk is revisiting that decision and wondering if he made a mistake. Not only did he suffer a debilitating reaction that lasted for days to one of the shots, but now he’s wondering what the long-term effects of the lightly tested mRNA vaccine might be.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the shifting narrative on the COVID vaccine evinced by Musk’s apprehension.

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has checked out if African nations are having excessive death rates or died suddenly situations like other nations? Since many African nations have not been vaxxed.
    If it's not the vax and it really is climate change killing all these poor people, African nations should be experiencing the same phenomenon.

  2. I work at a steel mill. They offered an incentive program, they ended up paying each employee $3,000 to take the vaccine. I am a manager. So I get to talk to a ton of employees. So many employees came up to me and told me that that vaccine put them on their ass for days, they even called off sick

  3. Covid is far from over with the USA.. Average 600 citizens die.. DAILY from covid.. Wait until the big flu gets there. You will not be laughing then.. Love and good wishes from Africa.

  4. I got the jab in 21 and later got the omicron virus. The symptoms were exactly those that the British doctor that Jimmy liked said. I had symptoms of a normal head and chest cold with severe fatigue. I've been well since and I guess that I have temporary immunity for a couple of years.

  5. Didn't get the vaccine. But got covid recently and it kicked my ass. I'm in my 40s and probably will go down as the worst flu I've ever had. So, when some evidence suggests that had I got the vaccine it would have lessened the symptoms I can't disagree from my experience of dealing with the covid symptoms (bad headaches and other flu like symptoms lasting a week or so).So, while under the sickness of having covid I second guessed my choice. My intuition all along was they rushed the vaccine and in doing so it came with some serious risks of using it. It is unfortunate because vaccines are suppose to help with the severity of symptoms allowing your body to get a jump start on producing antibodies. The modern day covid pandemic in terms of the "rushed vaccine" can perhaps best be described as you are damned if you don't get the vaccine and dammed if you do. All the while, this questionable vaccine allowed select corporations and individuals to get insanely more wealthy.

  6. I contracted Covid a month ago, it felt less ''severe'' than a common cold. I felt sick for 3 days then it slowly went away.
    If you get seriously sick from covid, maybe it's something else beforehand that was seriously wrong and covid just pushed it over the limit.
    My father knew one who died ''from'' covid, turns out the examiner noticed that his kidneys where almost completely non functional and his heart before covid was already so bad that he would probably would have heart failure or a heart attack in the near future. He where talking to people on the phone like normal and then in a couple of hours he died, and guess what they ruled the death as? Covid…

  7. I was going to comment like others have caught on, he was hesitant about those meds early on, and correctly so, so this statement is strange…. Given he’s a pathological liar, it’s hard to know what to make of that statement. He also said most can beat COVID naturally, and he was right, so why risk…? Trump even said he lies, he’d know one…😂

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