Elon Musk Issues a Dire Warning About the Economy – Do You Care?

Do you take it seriously when a business professional tells you that things are going to go up or going to go down? The latest is Elon Musk who has told us that we are headed for a devastating recession if interest rates are raised at all. #ElonMusk #PeterSchiff #rRobertKiyosaki #iAllegedly #InterestRate #EuropeanCentralBank #KimKardashian #PrivateEquity #goldmansachs #opensea #nft #skky

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  1. People have to understand, the debt fuel system has many years to run.
    The game is to go as hard as possible, to make maximum profit, then get out.
    The risk is that things will blow up while you're maxed all in.
    But it's statistically more likely you'll end up being rich.
    Or, you can live in fear, never try, die wondering.
    Better to try.

  2. I do take statements like this seriously, as an analytical thinker that breaks down the fundamentals of what the person is actually saying. From their perspective, what do they mean? What are they seeing, and why is it compelling them to say this thing? I remain neutral but sharpen my vigilance to watch for granulated indicators that begin to reveal the consistent trends. While not all knowledge is good knowledge, all information is worth knowing for one reason or another. So, I do care. And I also see the cyclical nature regarding human psychology and global economies, so I already expect volatility to exist because the human race is maniacal!! lol! Great thoughts.

  3. I don't want to buy a Tesla cause people think it's cool.I wanna buy one cause the cost efficiency..I guess I'm gonna wait,Don't need another useless thing to keep in my garage.ill keep riding my bike and save money..Just saying.

  4. well said and true!It is gone, we lived through the zenith of our time.The corrupt government will take down this country like what happened to Rome. My condolence for anyone approaching retirement you may have concerns over whether your pension pot will stretch to cover the rising costs of living. Bad energy policy, bad foreign policy, bad regulatory policy , and insane fiscal policy.

  5. Love your show Dan,but you've been out of touch a some heavy subjects.
    Kingg Charles and the Royal famuly are a major
    leader in the NWO…EV cars are not all "green" low. CO2 …and a handful of the population can afford them anyways.
    Stand up people and Stay your ground…we are headed for the worst these parasitic predators of their agenda can throw at us.

  6. No I really don't care what the elon the fake rocket, garbage car shill thinks, especially when he's dead wrong about NOT raising the interest rate. Free money is a lot of the reason we are in the shape we are in!

  7. ⚠️🛑 WARNING ⚠️🛑 WARNING ⚠️🛑

    Inflation + Starvation = Civil War

    CHINAQUAY in 50 Years In the Church of Rome said… Rome's favored policy… Crush one by the other and reign over the bloody ruins of both.
    See Walter Veith video… What's Up Prof? #67 Pope Francis and the Jesuit Agenda, and…
    #215 Revolutions, Tyrants, and Wars

  8. The FED is owned and controlled by the Rothschild Company and their Banksters need to manipulate the markets and intentionally crash the global economy to destroy the net worth of the Middle Class and bring them into poverty while the Banksters and their Billionaire co-conspirators buy up all of these Assets for pennies on the dollar. So when you lose everything and wonder who to blame, well, now you know.

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