Elon Musk Just Bought The LARGEST Stake In Twitter, Could Bring Free Speech And Unban Conservatives

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  1. Not controlling stake? Only one tenth of actual company? A place seen by the level-headed as a place of insanity?

    SpaceX goes public, StarLink will change the internet, and NeuraLink is right around the corner!

    Elon has promised world-upheaval with his emergent technologies.
    I keep seeing a cult following as fervent as the Q consortium and just as irrelevant to everyday life.

  2. Brian Leiter denies that man has a free will, so, it’s not surprising he’s against free speach. Of course, anyone who believes man is not inherently free should be utter rejected by free men.

  3. Suspensions and bans need to include the exact reason why, and what part of the TOS that was violated, as well as the employee that implemented the ban. All this needs to be made publicly available. For the privacy of the employee they can provide a unique ID.

  4. Bloomberg article reads that Musks acquisition of Twitter will … end free speech ?¿?

    According to a completely leftist news source … Musk intends to change the rules that make free speech safe and accessible to all …

    These people are all in a clown car without breaks … and expect everyone to believe this deplorable drivel …

  5. Elon bought passive shares it means he has no say in business dealings at twitter. All this means is he can make some money if their share price goes up.

  6. Tim is always complaining about people on the right not willing to risk their careers or reputations or even jail time when the left is. Ok Tim. You’re wealthy. The left literally bails people out of jail for attempt of murder and political violence. There have beens 1000s of people on the right targeted for their views. Why don’t you financially support them? Financially support the the jan 6 prisoners. Do it.

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