Elon Musk Just Revealed His Twitter Terms Of Service As CNN Has Brian Stelter In Total Meltdown!

Elon Musk just clarified his new terms of service & the media is melting down! Remember to join my mailing list today!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. The word “misinformation” has lost all meaning because of its constant misuse by liberals. It can join words like “racist” and “privilege” in the garbage heap of words that were killed by activists.

  2. Elon musk, not very bright? You don't command his kind of wealth by not being very bright. Typical leftoid thinkology. I'm smarter than you because I'm more virtuous than you.

  3. This is a huge L for the left. This might be the biggest win we have had ever. See what you will about Twitter but everybody sees it, even if you don’t use it you hear about it. Countless, damn near everyone uses it. But they have been able to control it literally Banning or shutting down accounts that oppose the left. Look at Trump. There were so many lies exacerbated on Twitter, so many truths censored on Twitter. But now, the left will have their voice as usual except now we too can finally say what we want to say, we can speak the truth and now millions more people will see the truth. That’s why they’re shitting their pants

  4. Point you come up with there! It's too easy for googling Apple to pick and choose what apps they will carry in their respective stores. Websites need to come up with their own methodology on apps for their sites.

  5. Bot followers are no longer being influenced by twitter employees, so users will soon learn how many followers they actually have.
    Let the purge continue!

  6. yea Tesla is Agenda 30 in diguise, forcing car manufacturers to make EV vehicles which we dont want. Meanhile it takes COAL to power up the electric plants to charge the batteries and even manufacture the cars let alone the destruction to the environment to get Lithium… Elon is also PRO UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME and is for the Mark of the Beast Neuralink chip in the brain. But let's all praise him for buying Twitter. He's a Rich Billionaire from South Africa who comes from a wealthy family who mined precious jewels. He buys companies and rebrands them as his own and people think he's a fucken genius. He's got all you so fucken fooled. It's utterly amazing how fucken stupid and duped most of the world is on this guy.

  7. Anyone who uses a cell phone is no good. Cell phones generate radio waves. Radio waves' cumulative effect is acceleration of death. Users of cell phones are therefore guilty of bein accessories to massive murder.

  8. It is ingenuous or delusional to believe that Musk, Gates, "Zuckerberg" (Greenberg/Zuckerman) et alia are anythin more than "front men" for intelligence operations owned by hidden network of families.

  9. I hope Brian Seltzer quits twitter….oh and maybe facebook…and also maybe his job…ya know what would be great, if he quite lying to the world. But the one thing he can't quit is his Onlyfans, that is gold!

  10. Brian Stelter isn't making a fair comparison. A free society isn't like a party with no rules or moderation. Twitter will have rules still. Illegal activity on there will be banned and censored. Elon just wants to fix all the politically-biased activism going on with Twitter that's led it's "fact-checkers" to ban people telling facts and providing proof of "ultra right-wing conspiracy theories"

  11. They’re freaking out because not only are they losing the control of information but they’re realizing THEY gave big tech all this power so now that it’s not someone that agrees with them 100% theyre losing their minds but Musk is going to treat everyone fairly and as far as speech goes he’s going to follow the law .

  12. The Gizmoto motard is a child who figured out 2x=4, and thinks it’s smarter than Rene Descartes, telling the father of modern mathematics how to do it in a condescending voice that makes you want to punch their douche face.

    Brian “The Eunuch of CNN” only goes to parties where they milk goats and make goat cheese, while sitting on a horse sized butt plug

  13. Brian Stelter- who would want to got to a party with no rules

    me- sooooo we're opening a casino in the basement right?

    Who wants to bet Brian was a hall monitor when he was in school?

  14. So, what you're saying is, those who've become accustomed to controlling the narrative are taking issue with someone who promotes transparency.

  15. Musk don't need to do nothing other than let people talk things out if the left can't cope they just need to go get their own platform or just go bed with Mike lindell bedwear might help them sleep 😴 looking forward to seeing the truth instead of lies being propped up on twitter

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