Elon Musk Just Went BERSERK On Main Stream Media! Twitter Is Losing It’s Minds Over His Latest Burn

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  1. And what might be one of the most screwy little fact toys you would ever want to know Richard Spencer the head of the actual white supremacist alt right what’s free healthcare. Yes universal basic income.

    He is actually economically left and the only real reason he gets stuck on the right is because he’s racist which is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Ye know, we kept calling them NPCs, but the Media feels more and more like well trained Dogs to me, hearing all the Dog Whistles and sniffing out all the evil extremists, but missing those in their own House because they're used to their smell

  3. The democratic party worried because of the lost their propaganda tool.
    All The Propaganda democratic party members pretty much everything they said on record is everything that been doing for the last 5 and half years to conservative value the Republicans and now the Democrats have lost that platform of control.
    Already said that taxes in America will have to go up to pay for this.
    The democratic party have singled out Elon Musk personally so he payed taxes but you never saw the Democrats go after the Amazon boss for paying any tax at all

  4. Democrats seem to conviently forget that back when the internet had more freedom (probably about 10 years ago) in saying what you want nazis were still vilified, they didn't sway people to their side in fact they usually got trolled or messed with by most, let everyone have freedom of speech and the good ideas will prevail and the bad ones will be laughed at.

  5. Not want to be bad person here but healthcare is a must "free healthcare" is not so expensive if you crunch the numbers it will cost at least ten times less then the military budget of US same for education and welfare the problem is both parties in US are playing with peoples feelings and money doing nothing..well making war that is the name of the game for them..for both republicans and democrats

  6. Show me a neo nootzi at any march or gathering that has an ACTUAL nootzi flag. One that theyve owned, not one that has creases in it from being taken out of its packaging that day and i will concede on there being a fringe existence of the far right.

  7. "The American far-left wants free healthcare"
    So they want to effectively enslave medical professionals? As a medical professional, if the Healthcare system gets socialized, I and many others I know will walk out for jobs that would pay just as much as a social worker position but are far less stressful.

    "The American far-right wants white supremacy and to remove democracy."
    I fail to see how free speech constitutes supremacy of any kind. And yes, removing democracy would be good, because mob rule is objectively bad.

  8. The First Amendment applies to government censorship which does not apply to a service provided by a corporation(not controlled by the government.) However we obviously have elements of the "deep state" involved to keep our dangerous secrets safe, how involved are they with political censorship? That is my question.

  9. When covid hit and I lost my job we applied for food stamps for the first time in our lives and got denied.

    My wife makes 23k a year as a server in a restaurant (doesn't include tips) and I was making $0. We have a 4 year old son and still got denied. The cut off income is supposed to be $28k but for some reason they denied us.

    I know for a fact that had we checked marked any other box besides white/non Hispanic we would of got those food stamps.

    Either way I found another job and we just bought a house but still. We've been paying into the system all our lives and the one time we ask for help we're told to fuck off. Meanwhile Shaquisha that's never had a job in her life and has 5 kids is loading up her Cadillac with 2 carts of groceries she paid for with her EBT card

  10. The laptop got me in a lot of trouble. Book 2 of my Gravewalkers series went deeply into the topic, released in 2013. Of ten audiobooks on Youtube, book 2 is still being throttled and punished over it. Analytics go through the series, but Book 2 mysteriously gets suppressed, but as they move to three and beyond it is fine again. 'Laptop topic' has been a round a long time.

  11. They SHOULD be afraid of Musk bringing free speech to Twitter. Free speech is the absolute worst thing for them. Because free speech allows ALL the information to be put out there for people to see, and when all the information is out there the people will see them for the liars they are.

  12. Free stuff requires either free labor, or the theft of that labor's wages. If you want free shit you have be cool with either theft or slavery. So no, the far left isn't some "radical benevolence" that they love to frame themselves as. They're control freaks, and the meltdowns they are all having show that so well.

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