Elon Musk Keeps Alex Jones’ Twitter Ban In Most Disgusting Way

Despite restoring former President Donald Trump to Twitter, Elon Musk says he won’t be allowing InfoWars host Alex Jones back on the platform. His reasoning? He lost a child and as a result refuses to do any favors for anyone who’s done harm to children – which apparently is Musk’s assessment of Jones’ treatment of the Sandy Hook families. So clearly Musk’s promise to bring free speech back to Twitter only applies when he has no personal stake in the matter.

Jimmy and his panel of Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger and viral videographer Matt Orfalea discuss alternate explanations for why Musk would allow Trump to return but not Alex Jones.

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  1. Pay attention to celebrities and politicians invoking the Bible to justify themselves. Pay close attention!
    That's all I have to say.
    But you share one very important trait with Sam Harris if I'm not mistaken. You are both atheists, are you not?😉So, you may find what I have to say "annoying" if I'm right.
    What Musk did with this last tweet which annoyed you (stay with that feeling BTW) is a misappropriation of one of the most famous passage of the Bible i.e. Luke 18:16.
    As far as I'm concerned though, you were right to call him out on both of his tweets which are a clear signal that this guy has a tendancy to manipulate the opinion.
    As I said, pay close attention to this guy. I know I will.

  2. The whole world runs on personal feelings and estimations.
    Laws, just like human rights, are non-existent, for the most part. Everyday life, swallows it all. Good morning.
    So being upset about this one thing, while ignoring the other 95 %, is highly questionable imv.

  3. Anyone who willingly pretends Alex Jones ISN’T infotainment is doing it on purpose. Even his own fans don’t take him too seriously. People are just mad he slips a nugget of truth into his wild segments, kinda like the entire legacy media.

  4. Musk’s first tweet you discussed is a quote from Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew. I think Musk’s point is that out of all the terrible things people do, insensitivity to the suffering of children is inexcusable. He won’t AJ on Twitter. It is what it is.

  5. I thought Elon was cool, I thought he was joe rogans boy? And Alex jones is joe rogans boy, so I thought 6 degrees of joe rogan Alex would be allowed back on? What a dipshit Elon is, love the guy, but dipshit…

  6. Elon should make explicit what Jones could do to get back on Twitter. Lifetime bans are excessive—Jones could really believe he made a mistake and now thinks differently. Maybe he could buy a Tesla?

  7. In all fairness, Alex was against the war state in all its form while you were still rooting for the democrats in TYT Jimmy. I love you and all you stand for, but Alex was one of the first who dared fight against the CIA propaganda machine.

  8. When Elon Musk, says, "He has no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for their gain, politics or fame." Does that include all those parents and judges, that made billions from the court that sued Jones for apologising for his errors??

  9. I love how Jimmy is sticking up for Alex. I remember my introduction to Jimmy Dore was him spitting wine in Alex’s face. Had no idea who he was, but even as a fan of Alex, and my hatred for tyt I thought it was punk rock. Jimmy, you’re the shit!

  10. Elon is protecting his military industrial business. He sucks on the gov't tats to fund spaceX. That's obviously why. Someone told him that's the line.
    Not excusing it. Elon should at least publicly admit that he will cave to the parasites over free speech if his $$$$$$$$ is on the line. Don't parade around like you're saving the constitution Elon. Letting Trump back on means nothing to us.

  11. Btw let's NOT FORGET that JIMMY DORE literally SPIT in Alex Jones FACE during the 2016 DNC convention when Jones stormed the TYT set & confronted Dore's THEN boss Cenk Ugyer!!
    Check it out.. the video is STILL up on the TYT YouTube channel!

  12. – People walking in circles in the firehouse parking lot

    – It was Christmastime, yet not a single decoration was put up at the school

    – Laughing parents, laughing cops, laughing kooky coroner

    – Nutty Gene Rosen not calling 911 and giving the supposed kids stuffed animals even though he had no kids of his own.

    – A sign behind Gene telling visitors to sign in, similar to those you would see at a DRILL.

    – Not a single emergency helicopter or ambulance and no one tried to revive a single person. Only a doctor can declare someone dead.

    – Christmas trees were sent to the school from an anonymous donor to honor the allegedly dead kids but those same trees were photographed behind the firehouse days before the shooting. Maybe it was a psychic donor.

    – Facebook tribute pages set up before the shooting occurred.

    – Not a single video of any of the kids yet we have a video of the shooter playing a dancing video game at the mall. Those parents didn't have camcorders or cell phone videos of their kids? All we have are pictures.

    – The kids were all seen singing at the Superbowl. When those kids are shown next to the allegedly dead kids, they look mighty similar, albeit a little older.

    – The Sherriff threatened jail for anyone sharing misinformation online in the hours after the shooting occurred. That has never happened before or since. What was it about this shooting?

    – The parents' houses were all paid for on Christmas day. Who paid for the homes? That was never released.

    There are countless anomalies about that event. These are only a handful that we still don't have answers for. And no investigation can be done because they razed the school to the ground. Isn't that convenient.

    The fact that they are going after Alex Jones so hard makes me think they're protesting a little too much. Suspicious doesn't even begin to cover how I and many others feel about this supposed shooting. Something stinks, is all I'm sayin'.

  13. Correct me if im wrong, but arent you the Jimmy dore that spat drink on alex jones at a press conference that included Cenk Uygur, so dont get why you are sticking up for that mental defective that is Alex jones.. He is Horrible, and more to the point, after sandy hook and jones having to pay the families, 50mil. He would be poison for any organisation who let him back on thier site. i would imagine musk knows this, he might be many things, but stupid isnt one of them.

  14. 2:35 you can have freedom of speech if it doesnt hurt the feelings of the billionaire oligarch owner of the public space media platform… it's the most underhanded bullshit thing you could do to justify authoritarianism.

    4:18 the DOD pentagon runs a torture program that bush and cheney advocated, they killed 1M women/children in iraq during the obama years by not allowing saddam to repair the water treatment plants bombed by NATO banning the needed hardware as 'dual use' re WMD.

    6:19 jt lewis: elon, i lost my brother in sandy hook. my family has been harassed by hoaxers for a decade. but you should reinstate alex jones.

  15. Honestly I wish you would stop bashing on Elon.. FFS can't you see he's on your side??? Who else is out there fighting for us? Get with it Jimmy. Like your channel but losing patience with this..

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