Elon Musk Launches Hostile Take Over Of Twitter



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  1. And what the crowd trying to overthrow America is doing the Communist Regime in the White House they don't understand theirs too stupid to understand when they push for enough 180 million well-armed individuals Patriots who honor and love the Constitution when it comes to be a shooting War we're going to do like Hitler we're going to gather up all these commies socialist Emmylou put them in concentration camps in execute all of them feel part of the Democratic Party you have to die once it becomes a shooting War

  2. And I guarantee he's still buying shares on the down low soba by the times this comes to a head he's probably out owning 15% of of the stock if not 20% and the longer they wait the more dangerous it becomes for them because the more he's got when he decides to dump it the lower the price is going to go on the market

  3. ehh if earth doesn't work out for elon he has the ultimate plan B if earth ever goes to shit he can just peace out to mars and take his chances there trying to re-build humanity

  4. I hope he’s got some good security and poison tasters. He makes the deep state super nervous. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Trolling the lizards. And they are freaking out. The media says the Twitter thing is for publicity? Lmfao, he doesn’t need publicity. He is publicity, he picks his nose and the idiots in the media will talk about it for weeks.

    And it’s effing awesome.

  5. Dudes the richest guy. The sleepwokers wont be successful. Take over Twitter or not, he just did the dangerous thing nobody else gets to do: shine a light on the cockroaches. Us making the cult go away is already happening as people rediscover their spines. This is a tsunami on the shores of the woketopia, and we should take advantage of them being on the backfoot for once.

  6. Elon musk:I want to start a private space company?
    Critics: ok kiddo
    Elon musk: I'm planning to go to Mars
    Critics: sure kiddo, just make sure to book daddy a flight there
    Elon musk: im going to test star Link in Ukraine
    Critics: no kiddo your going to expose our war crimes! This is your last warning young man if you do it again your gonna get a spanking!
    Elon musk: I bought almost 10% in stocks in Twitter and plan on being on the Twitter board committee.
    Critics: you can't do that! I warned you! And no you can't be on the Twitter board committee!
    Elon musk: F*** your warnings, im gonna buy 100 percent of the company and make your investor's $10 a share richer! F*** your board committee! When I buy the company you'll be Lucky if you still have a job buying our coffee!
    Critics: well f*** our investors
    Elon musk: well I'll see you in court smart ass!
    Critics: no we'll see you in court!
    Elon musk: suck my D***
    Critics: Exuse me!
    Elon musk: you heard me suck my D**! your all my b*** now!

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