Elon Musk Launches HOSTILE TAKEOVER Of Twitter, Leftists FREAK OUT Over The Prospect Of Free Speech

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  1. I say let these leftist idiots drive the company into the ground. Competition is healthy, I'm glad places like Gab, Parlor and Gettr and getting a bigger userbase. Twitter has proverbially shat in the well, and even if Elon COULD save it I wouldn't want him to. Just my $0.02.

  2. There's nothing wrong with valuing ideology, it just depends on what the ideology is. If it is truly the pursuit of truth, then nothing wrong with such ideology. But when the ideology is intentional evil, then that won't work in the long run. And that's what we're seeing.

  3. If you look at the past year of trading, it has only been since Oct/Nov last year that the share price has been below the offer value. For those that bought before this time, this is a loss, but still possibly the best outcome for them. For those that bought after, pretty straight forward decision.

  4. Trump and Trumpism were not good. I was a 30 year plus movement conservative in 2016. His cult was unreal How do you attacked me for supporting an actual conservative. Unreal

  5. I took money out of my retirement fund to buy 20 shares. Just because of Elon Musk. I'm with you on this one, Tim. I support gold, silver, and platinum. BUt this is different.

  6. Who cares about the emotional side of it? It has to be a place where the TRUTH can be DISCOVERED, in a natural way, through completely unrestricted exchange of thought and ideas.

  7. Emphasis is placed on the current management and the potential new Musk management.
    Not nearly enough Emphasis on the users. I suspect: because of the user's, there is a vanishing small chance that Twitter can be saved. The stereotypical post on Twitter fall somewhere between childish and repulsive and the people that create these posts are unlikely to post anything that is not.
    Musk may make a social media work but a serious SM will require a serious clientele. The existing Twitter clientele is not it.
    He may be able to salvage much of the infrastructure but he will have to start from scratch with the user.

  8. Twitter would be a fascinating place if you could state ideas and thoughts anonymously. Then there could be a continuous back and forth of IDEAS, not personalities. Let everyone guess who is making a statement, if they want to, but at any rate assess the statement on its own merit. If it's an interesting idea or thought, what does it really matter who is saying it. Would be a much better intellectual atmosphere. Then the whole concept of 'disinformation goes away' even more than it should have at any rate gone away. Because disinformation is only valid if you're talking about an authority that is tasked with providing information and is expected to do that on some official level. But that does not apply to the whole concept of social media. If one person makes a statement and another considers it false or fake, well they are equal in their authority and the other person can say that's a fake, not true and here's why. Then the first one can rebuttal and say nope i am right and here's why. And so on.. And that's how truth can emerge.

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