Elon Musk Leaves Democratic Party & Immediately Gets #MeToo Allegation

Elon Musk is a multi-hundred-billionaire, but all his business success doesn’t translate into any particular political acumen. We know this because the Tesla CEO recently announced that he is abandoning the Democratic Party because it’s controlled by unions and trial lawyers in favor of the GOP, which he says is merely controlled by corporate criminals and religious zealots.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Musk’s curious political conclusions and response to the rise of “wokeness.”

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  1. As a member of the Democratic Party. I can confirm that in the meetings mostly right wing positions are taken. Don't worry we have left wing members but you just roll your eyes and wait for them to stop talking so we can vote on the candidate that won't support their idea. Also culture issues aren't part of the political spectrum. They are distractions. You having a nuclear family isn't right wing. It's no wing.

  2. Jimmy, on this one I am going to disagree with you. Democrats for sure are more socialist than Republicans. The Biden administration is no question leftist. They are about big government higher taxes more social program and yes pro- big corporations. Where you are correct is that both parties cater to corporations.

  3. I think Musk means the leadership, which is controlled by the ruling class and no longer represent the working class' best interest. Union leaders are involved in the Great Reset and attend the WEF meetings in Davos…they are stabbing workers in the back and only pretending to represent them.

  4. The government bailed him out in the early days of Tesla, and Space X to the tune of $491 dollars, and Obama was President at that time. Space X has been given NASA contracts worth billions. He's tied into the "big club" just like the rest of the billionaires. He can't fail because the government won't let that happen whether Democrats, or Republicans represent the white house, and Congress.

  5. Behind every “Union” is the mafia. I figured you would know that Jimmy.
    Some organizations like UPS doesn’t allow you an option, you have to join and pay your dues. Most the time they don’t help out like they’re supposed to.

  6. It's not like these unions are actually ran by your average joe and they are somehow immune from corruption. Many of them are not joinable from your average trade worker because they don't know someone on the inside who can get them in. It's original intentions were a great idea and it is useful to protect workers, give them career, protect it etc, but this doesn't affect everyone else in the business who simply don't have a union to join or couldn't get in because of the nepotism that is rampant in unions. It's not immune from corruption simply because it was created with good intentions. Like everything else people can't see the reality with all of the virtue signaling going on or clinging on to their idealism. The laziest people on the job sites are typically these union fkwads who get paid more than everyone else no matter their performance. Not all unions are corrupt but it is just another system within a system that gets targeted, penetrated and corrupted like any other.

  7. Wrong again Jimmy Dore. He actually knew the allegations were going to come out before he left the Democratic Party. He left the Party right before the allegations came out so it would look like he was being smeared! Crafty and duplicitous. He previously paid off the woman so yeah, he likely is guilty. (100% !)

  8. This douchebag voting Republican in NOT surprising at all! Corporatists, like him, benefit, naturally from voting Republican more than they do from voting Democrat ! I doubt he voted Dem more than GOP ! No matter how much people say it – the two parties are NOT the same – they are too similar, but there is SOME difference!

  9. Unions are indeed another form of monopoly. You even said earlier in the segment that unions take advantage of workers they represent. Teachers unions are the worst of the offenders. You have to pay dues with little to show for it.

  10. Uhhh… everyone on planet earth looks out for themselves and family first. Doesn’t mean they are sellouts they have priorities different than yours. It’s never you that’s greedy it’s always someone else huh? Right…

  11. AOC makes way more than $170,000 a year. She charges between $75,000-$150,000 for ONE speech. Plus I am sure she has been bribed with plenty of stocks by now too, though I admit I cannot officially prove the latter.

  12. It's not different than Trump, he left the Dems and went to the Republicans and was still liberal in a lot of ways. They thought he was great when he was fucking up the Republican primary but when he kicked HRC's ass all of a sudden the Uni-Party was pissed.

  13. I was a member of local 72 in Atlanta for 14 years, I went to school there for free and learned a trade I’m now a mechanical engineer. If it wasn’t for the union I wouldn’t have the livelihood I now enjoy.

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