Elon Musk Makes Big Announcement On Purchasing Twitter & The Board Cannot Stop Him Now!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. "That Elon Musk would Care so much about Free Speech, that he would literally execute A Hostile Takeover of YouTube" . . . Wouldn't mind if EM Were to take over YT (Google) but that's News to me? Editing problem?

  2. On the Tesla stock, I didnt jump on it myself years ago cause I didnt believe Tesla would go anywhere. I honestly still dont believe it will go anywhere long term still, yes there are people buying them but if there was a huge demand the auto manufacturers would be building them themselves and they just arent because they know there is no money to be made there.

    Now with that said I am eyeing one stock to buy from one of the existing manufacturers, its reasonably priced unlike Tesla stock and they will be releasing a new electric vehicle in two years to the market. They also have introduced quite a bit into the aftermarket for the retrofit people and they have an electric retrofit that they showed off as well. I will be getting this stock cause I believe it will do good once they get their electric vehicles out. If it doesnt do as good as I expect no loss as the dividends on the stock is quite good so I would still make money.

  3. Elon Musk: “Now we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way, the choice is yours.”
    Twitter Board: “We won’t be doing anything any kind of way.”
    Elon Musk: “Ok I see you’re choosing the hard way.”

  4. The Left hates the thought of anyone not sharing their ideology having control of their Twatter echo chamber…
    It's all about the Left trying to control what people are allowed to think. If they can control what people are allowed to think, they can control the people. They are the very fascists they think everyone else is.

  5. I bought 82000 @ $32.11

    HELL YEAH! I'll take $52.00 per share! The free exchange of ideas is what built western civilization. The potential loss of a money that comes after Elon takes over is less important than making twitter what it was in it's early days.

    A fun and interesting back and forth rather than a far leftist sounding board!

  6. Even if he fails, he will sell all of his stock, the stock price will plummet and there will be class action lawsuit against the board which will likely cost them their position. At which point he might be able to buy back at a discount.

  7. Did you know that Elon works for DARPA, they funded his starlink & nuerolink projects. Trojan horse much?! Technocratic transhuman elite wet dream. He is controlled opposition. Do some research and come to your own conclusions….. group think is toxic.

  8. The real reason is, if Elon takes over, he will institute changes that will be good for the platform but BAD for shareholders – which is why he wants to own them all. He will absorb the loss, and build back better

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