Elon Musk NUKED Ukrainian Gov FROM ORBIT SHUTTERING Starlink After They Told Him To F OFF

Elon Musk NUKED Ukrainian Gov FROM ORBIT SHUTTERING Starlink After They Told Him To F OFF. After Elon Musk proposed peace Ukrainian Government officials insulted him, now the tech billionaire is saying he won’t pay for Starlink anymore in Ukraine.

Already reports have surfaced that elon shuttered the use of starlink in Crimea and one person accused Elon of having spoken to Putin about it. Elon Musk denies this however.

But one thing is clear, Ukraine should be grateful that Elon Musk was assisting in the ukraine war effort and if they want his support they should apologize.

At any rate it seems that Biden and the Democrats do not have a plan for how to win and the end result will simply be world war three


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. You're not being completely honest here.

    Musk said that Ukraine should capitulate to Russia to which the said "f*** off", and now musk has thrown his toys out of his pram, like the typical narcissist he is.

  2. oh tim … the entire situation between ukraine and russia has been constructed by the obama/biden administration.. see the maidan crisis, see the quid pro quo of firing the chief investigator going after burisma, see the leaked phone calls of members of the obama administration which talked about who to implement and who to get rid of in the ukrainian government.
    they replaced a pro russian government trough a putsch with a pro western government and slowly worked towards ukraine joining nato .. OFC it was all done intentionally .. WELL knowing russia would take action against that ..
    now to act as if they do what they can to prevent or deescalate war is beyond naive ..
    and trough a … WEIRD .. coincidence .. nordstream 1 and 2 .. the only other pipelines supplying europe with russian oil and gas are now incapacitated ..
    it's a hundreds of bilions a year deal we're talking about

  3. man, I gotta say I totally agree with you on this! War mongering bastards. I wonder about them trying to become a super power? Zelenski become war hero, world leader, antichrist?? 🙄UGGHH. ALL THESE EVIL PEOPLE😫

  4. Addiction bad Dr take advantage of that communities have people in doctor jobs behavioral health mental health chemical imbalance theory use various means to controll ppl drugs jails Dr office hell let's wheaponised all of it and just recycle old tech over and over in new products do you think Boston dimantics college sent a robot satellite anti satellite terminator of satellite 📡 lol most likely just a friendly repair robot only that would be stupid go back to flying your drone weirdo or not.

  5. Do you think perhaps , being a conduit for information on the ground of a war theater that Starlink may of payed for itself in data collection ? . Or do you just hot take everything in an un-journalistic manner ? .

  6. Puberty blockers can make children loose there hair my child has the best hair in the world many people would do anything to have the same people are crazy right ppl of power did not get there by being nice and world is a ugly place period

  7. If i was musk i would have either fully cut them off, or limited their speeds to 10mbit or less, encourage them to growup and stop being proud or the proxy war they are at the center of… their govt and ours show the man and his companies no respect… not that i like tesla…i think its a shitty company… with shitty policies, but what else are we to expect from a modern company… they are just taking it to the level auto makers have been moving for decades… removing ownership of what you buy… dont agree with it, but its what our society apparently wants.

  8. F Ukraine. I'm not Pro-Russian but I'm definitely not a fan of the Zelensky or America's new obsession with a country most people can't find on a map. Until 8 months no one cared. It's a corrupt shit hole full of Neo-Nazis and sex trafficking.

  9. In a game of chess, the pawns get sacrificed. Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, etc. are not the Rooks, Knights, Bishops, Queens or Kings in this game, they are are the pawns………..

    Only difference is that they, the pawns can play the mediators, can choose to be Third World players in this new East v West game.

  10. Just be careful with appeasement Tim. Nobody wanted D-Day, most people didn't want world war 1 or 2 but we got them because weak men didn't know when to stand up for what's right, to fight power crazed monsters at the helm of their wayward ship. Truth of it is, we don't get to decide these things. Suit wearing bureaucrats in dark rooms do but we're the ones who bleed for it. so when is enough, enough? Because I ask myself this, every day now it seems and I still have no good answer.

  11. Ukraine's leader has shown the same kind of arrogance as this minister. He seems to be taking all of the free support for granted and has begun DEMANDING more and more as though the world owes it to him. Last I checked, Russia isn't attacking the rest of the planet…

  12. When you got a good deal from someone. Don't attack the man responsible for your arrangement. Biden administration should of been the most recent lesson to not do that, now Ukraine government gotta learn too.

  13. Simple why where still giving money and involvement, Ukraine has dirt on biden and holding it over his head as blackmail ,he dealt with them befor as vp befor, there's histroy there ,lots. He owes them and they do his dirty work in money laundering for the big guys 10%

  14. It's easy to fearmonger and decide for other nations, especially if those are not your kids being killed raped, or abducted. As someone born in a country that had its border and fate decided by 3 old guys in a holiday resort in Crimea a few decades earlier, i am for Ukraine in this case

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