Elon Musk on Julian Assange & Edward Snowden

In a Twitter space last night, Elon Musk took questions from Kim Dot Com regarding WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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  1. Musk is a giant military industrial complex elite… look at him lie about Assange… He makes billions from government contracts .. .bullshit..frok the liar….I knew he was a joke…listen to him struggle to answer…sad. He's not an Amercan just like Assange….

  2. The military industrial complex has made Elon Musk the worlds richest man (allegedly the worlds richest man). He's not going to go against the establishment. Letting right wing culture warriors back on twitter is not going against the establishment; they need the culture war to keep us distracted from the class war. Notice he hasn't let Scott Ritter and Garland Nixon back on the web. Nor has he let the covid-dissenting doctors back on twitter. Ie, he has let the people who keep the culture war going back on the web, but not the people who challenge the actual agenda of power.

  3. Some context on why Elon is waffling here: He was caught red handed admitting that he personally profited from War Crimes with the Lithium Iron Batteries being stolen from sovereign nations. Elon has said “We can Coup who we want”, so he is trying to tap dance around Julian Assange & Edward Snowden. It’s why people in the US think it’s a fringe issue, no one prominent in the US talk about it at all and if they do, it’s a deflection on how evil it is to release nuclear launch codes and troop locations (as if Assange & Snowden ever did that). It’s also why SNL portrays these heroes as Bond style villains, that’s how the establishment sees true journalists.

  4. Elon Musk: Julian who? Well national-security-concerns, nuclear something or something…
    🙄🤦 I swear Musk simps have to be the most gullible people in the world! He's not a free-speech warrior, he's not Tony Stark, and he damn sure ain't no superhero!

  5. Assange and Snowden are limited hangouts. (I still support their freedom) They both said nothing about investigating what really happened on 911. Actually assange was against looking into it. Webster Tarpley wrote a good article on the limited hangout.
    Elon musk is clearly a fake outsider pretending to be for free speech but last I checked people banned for calling out the clot shots are still not back.

  6. If it is true that Elon was in flight during this call perhaps he became a little paranoid when asked about Assange/Snowden… You never know when an engine might suddenly lose power… or say the cabin might spontaneoulsy decompress. Nonetheless, if you can't stand for 'free speech' when it relates to the most fundemental and impactful legal case of our lifetime, you stand for nothing.

  7. Elon Musk only exists as a way to pretend we are not China, we have FREE SPEECH. His libertarian free speech cosplay, doesn't go very deep. He is a billionaire with defense contracts, he is not going to rattle the cage.

  8. "I don't know enough about that" means
    "I'm a big military industrial complex contractor, do of course I have to find out what national security intelligence organisations want me to do – that's the information I don't yet know"

  9. Edward Snowden received his rest and citizenship today, as well as a Russian passport because of this under the Russian Constitution, Edward Snowden can never be extradited to any nation for any reason! Edward said he was very happy!

  10. I don't like Musk, but I do respect him for putting up that poll on Twitter about Assange & Snowden. That poll I guarantee made a lot in government butt hurt. The people have spoken @U.S. government- Drop the case against Assange and full pardon the Whistle-blower Snowden. We the People🤔

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