Elon Musk Proves That All These Criminals Don’t Want Peace In Ukraine



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  1. Crimea became part of the Ukraine in the late 1800s my guess is they did not want to be annexed by Russia knowing their history. It had always been in conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Catherine the Great invaded it during her reign. When Soviet Russia took over all the countries, they replaced the disputed lands of Ukraine including Crimea with Russians. Ukraine like Hungary, Poland and other Eastern block former Soviet occupied lands remember what happened to them. I would be surprised if Ukraine just gave up. My guess is Ukraine is desperate and is why they are eliminating all the Russian citizens in their lands. Remember Russia has always been the aggressor. if Russia stops fighting and goes home the conflict is over. If Ukraine stops fighting it will be the end of Ukraine. And then Russia will move on to other countries.

  2. I don't think we should go fight for Ukraine it is obvious they are willing to do it themselves but I am willing to send them equipment and supplies. It is a good way to get rid of all the old crap we've been having stored for decades. Pentagon is going to spend money no matter what. We might as well force them to restock our supplies with new and upgraded weaponry. It will be good to have Trump back. He will have to replenish the oil reserves which are specifically for emergency use only. He stated when he was in office he actually filled them to the predetermined amount which had been the first time in decades. Of course you have potato Joe starting to empty them out within a couple years because of his failed policies on gas and oil. a political move to keep the prices down so the Democrats won't be completely eliminated from existence. That is my dream.

  3. Best plan to return peace to the world is to eliminate the leftist politicians in the world. Leftist ARE socialist communist elitists narcissist who don't care who gets killed or how much destruction they cause to get what they want. Which is dominance over the hardworking people of the world, which the elitists consider slaves to their needs 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  4. I just can't understand why everything that is bad the democrats love an everything that is good the democrats hate . They are killing us and we are letting them . Good Luck Yall

  5. This bull shit will esculate more and more by November and """"definitely""""" by 2024 Presidential Election. ITS SO OBVIOUS. These evil war mongers have
    ZERO respect for a human life. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT ON NOT FIGHTING THIS CRAZY SITUATION. Let the mongers send their families to war. Yeah, Im dreaming.

  6. Putin knows it’s not the People of the USA who are the badguys, he knows it’s the Left. And he has every legal and moral justification to start going after them, physically. Personally. Individually.

  7. And Elon Musk is going to be putting computers in human brains within the year. He’s not innocent in this NWO, even if he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing.

    Repent! In your soul you know the things our nation is doing are corrupt and FILLED with abominable sin. This is God’s vengeance for the innumerable sins and eternal ingratitude of the American people.

    Repent! Yeshua loves you and wants to save your life.

  8. as if Putin is dumb enough to fall for all the propaganda and retarded bullshit from the ussa. Also, probably no one except north america and UK gives a shit about "global warming" as they know that china and india produces millions of tons of polution per year and north america does not say a word about it

  9. Just how would one send billions to UKRANE?– visa, mastercard, bank transfer, or trucks full of gold?.. Serious question, …which banks are involved??- what are the actual mechanics of this?.

  10. The deep state and the New world order have been lying to the people from the beginning of this situation in Ukraine.
    We were told " the United States doesn't have any biolabs located in Ukraine " we then find out that was not true !! After learning the first cities being bombed by Russia were the ones where these biolabs were located. Then we were told biolabs were only there to remove old sample viruses from world war II.
    Joe Biden said that himself while visiting troops in nearby Poland.
    Stating " we need a regime change in Russia also telling the troops what they will see when they go into Ukraine " THE HANDLERS IMMEDIATELY RUSHED TO WALK BACK BIDEN STATEMENTS "
    Clearly this has been their goal from the start

  11. Putin is just one of the elite kabal members. He's pals with Bush and everyone else like Gates. Why does everyone get so blinded. These dudes wear cult robes together, they are all in on one big world wide cult. They are all Machiavelli elitist trash. Dudes, they are all going off Machiavelli's book called The Prince. Stop being fooled.

  12. Elon should just shut off StarLink. The Ukrainian leadership is corrupted and ungrateful. People "who stand with Ukraine" are fomenting a nuclear holocaust.

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