Elon Musk PROVES The FBI Worked Directly With Twitter! Twitter Files Live!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Can you upload this as a video on your channel? Because it's a live stream I can't find this with the search function. Try and search "Twitter files 4," or 5…and you get nothing but MSM trash.

    A couple of people who are anti musk..and no info at all about what is in the files xD

  2. Sadly we get all of this information from Twitter but none of the communication from the government directing the fbi and other organizations to do election interference

  3. It's nice Jeremy can make money off this but it is essentially pointless. Nothing will change and nothing will get better. Big tech and the government will do whatever they want and have zero accountability.

  4. At $20 for 12oz’s I don’t care how good it is, I’m a person living on a budget and I buy good stuff right now for $9.99 or 12.99 for Pete’s Coffee and it’s very good. Can’t beat half the price and I get to have it now.

  5. Could it be that every time the FBI suggests a user "may have violated Twitter policies", it's indicative of the notion that the FBI actually created those policies and "suggested" Twitter adopt them. FBI obviously has algorithms and resources dedicated to flagging them

  6. 4:17 So… What you're saying is that we shouldn't bother to tune in until at least 5 minutes into your podcast because you're going to wait until then to say anything? Speaking as a guy with extensive leadership experience, I'm going to say, "Let the people who are late be late. That way, meetings start on time. To do otherwise is disrespectful to the people that made a point of being on time."

  7. Trump's NFTs sold out within hours and the price of them on the market has doubled within a few hours after that. Tim Pool had a Superchat that said they bought 1000 of them and won dinner with Trump, made his money back and more selling the extras.

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