Elon Musk Raises Eyebrows with His Clear Plan to End the Ukraine War | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the Elon Musk’s Ukraine peace plan to deescalate the Russia-Ukraine war and if we can avert a nuclear war; Stephen Colbert attacking Elon Musk with the baseless accusation that he is a stooge for Vladimir Putin; Elon Musk’s jab at Sam Harris; MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough going full antifascist; CNN’s Jake Tapper’s disastrous interview with Joe Biden where he gave conflicting answers about whether or not the U.S. was likely to go into a recession; JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon ripping apart the US energy policy of Joe Biden and how the attacks on the oil and gas industry have actually made climate change worse; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commenting on Senator Tommy Tuberville’s controversial reparations remarks and using them to smear all MAGA Republicans as agents of racism; Dr. Ashish Jha getting worried about the new COVID variants; Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo asking tough questions about the side effects of the COVID vaccine and it’s connections to increasing the risk of myocarditis in men; European Parliament member Rob Roos exposing that Pfizer never did the proper studies to see if the COVID vaccine would stop transmission of the virus which was the entire basis of the COVID passport system that was used in various parts of the world; and much more.


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  1. Apparently my going through COVID was a very light experience, and the doctor claimed that it was because I was after two shots of the Pfizer vacs. However it could be be just as true that I am more resistant to COVID. I wonder if there is any way to tell how many of these light cases are due to natural resistance, vaccine or not. I guess the only way to do it is to compare unvaccinated to vaccinated similar populations, and thank goodness for the the resistance we have a group of people who were never vaccinated.

  2. It is funny how the Dems take care of illegals and the Ukrainians while the American people are struggling with their policies and racism. These idiots who are complaining are still voting for them 😂

  3. Listen to Joe about his kitchen table memories. Look how ordinary of a citizen he is. So relatable. So American. If it was 1955 in a pale white picket fence neighborhood maybe!.These rich diqs have no soul

  4. If Governor DeSantis ever ran for president and one I would be proud to call him my president, something I could never do or would do with Biden they should just put him in clown face.

  5. Please, stop calling them illegal immigrants. They are not remotely interested in immigration and our policies for doing so. Look it up. The OFFICIAL LEGAL term IS "illegal aliens".

  6. I was around when Eisenhower was President and warned us of the Military/Industrial Complex. For my entire life, the USA war machine has either been busy at war or busy planning how to get us into war. I was around when the MSM was prominently involved in getting us out of a war (see Walter Cronkite and Viet Nam). Isn't it interesting that the Military/Industrial/Media Complex is now a thing.

  7. My nephew who is 29 and healthy. Had a heart attack last month month. It was the the same heart attack that the young guys are getting . I pray that is the one and only. He is just about to become a father.

    Thank you, Governor DeSantis.
    Biden had to cut Florida's supply off, because his handlers saw that with Monoclonal antibodies, who needs the jab!

    I remember there were a couple of public appearance that Ron DeSantis missed, and the media and Democrats went insane with questioning why he was not showing his face.
    We heard the screaming for a couple of days, then it came out that, although they hadn't talked about it publicly, Casey DeSantis had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and Governor DeSantis had taken time off, to be with his wife.
    What was the response from the left?

  9. Hardly a bold prediction here…. There will be a Red wave and they will take both the House and the Senate. All battleground canditates will contest the Red wave, they will not conceed, and the protests will be reported by the media as mostly peaceful….. the Dems will basically do and become everything they acuse Trump and the Jan 6th people of. Election deniers and insurectionists.

  10. The problem is… DID russia start it tho? If i mock you. You say, STOP IT, or i WILL hit you. I keep on mocking you, until the breakingpoint… and you finally hit me. Did YOU start the fight, for hitting me, or did I start the fight for mocking you? If Russia says, NATO cant move closer to russia. Then NATO moves closer to Russia. Who is the aggressor? Im not saying i know jack s*it here. I just say… there are SOOO many questions that are surpressed. If we want the war to end. And, we want that! NATO need to back down, let ukraine be neutral. Im sorry Ukraine, you cant join nato! Talk to putin and figure this out, without more death. If not… Ukraine is just going to be a pile of gravel. And/or its game over for our planet.

  11. Joe Dodderer does not understand the definition of recession… we are there (GDP down for 2+ quarters!)
    Who loves the $5+ /gallon gasoline?
    Perhaps this nonsense stops in January when the Democrats do not control both houses!
    You cannot dance the words … Tell the unvarnished truth!

  12. Nicole, la que lo dice lo es con las patas al revés. I know you realize how incompetent you are and will probably never get another gig like the one you have but the narratives you try to sell are not going to help you in your next job interview.

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