Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter Account In Yuge Blow To Deepstate



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  1. Trump said he is not coming back. Big nothing burger. Elon's poll was 80% yes and 20 % no. Then Elon watched the bots pour in he said, waited until it was 52 to 48 so the truth 80% of the people voted for Trump. Remember the Elections? They did not have anyone show up, they don't answer questions, sit in the basement with Obama taking in their ear. I bet almost every state was 80% Trump/Repubs.

  2. Jack Dorsi isn't as bad a dude as everyone thought. He was pro-freespeech and he was kicked out for it. He even spoke to Adam Curry, "The Podcast Father" the dude who created podcasting, and Adam said, "You should Federate Twitter" and Jack said "WE are working on doing that!" Which means Dorsi was in the process of Twitter talking to any outside social media company. Like following from Twitter, someone from a Mastodon account.. or Instagram, or what ever. All external social media apps would be cross connected to Twitter. That didn't happen and Jack was kicked out of Twitter by fascist cucks! Who are NOW FIRED I love to say!

  3. I bet Elon can control the bots. Elon is not for free speech, you say something he does not want, they hide your comment and use Bots to pretend to be people you talk to and have tweets back and forth with you so you think you are in the real world of Twitter. Listen to what he says, he has told, that is the way Twitter works, also any Gov has access to all your info, including detailed tracking info, phone #, Address and more. They know where you live, your habits. No hiding if they want you. All twitter workers have access to mess with your account, and see everything too.

  4. Lol.. the archive of tweets still there but not the followers.

    When we the people see the decisions being made by any corporation those decisions have been in conversations for months and narrative control has been talked about and resolved for most outcomes at least the most extreme outcomes that affect their business.

  5. You can't trust Elon or Trump who's listed Operation Warp Speed as one of his proudest presidential achievements, don't fall for it, there is no democracy, only an illusion of it. Elon also refused to allow Alex Jones back on proving it's still not a free speech platform and David Icke was refused an appeal too, he setup a new account while waiting for a decision too as advised and it was banned within hours. I was banned the day after their new so called misinformation terms went live in 2020 without any warnings and without a single tweet since, I filed another appeal under Elon and I was refused back too. It's all just a distraction away from the important issues attacking our freedoms.

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