Elon Musk Releases the COVID Twitter Files & It’s Worse Than You Thought | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk’s latest drop from the Twitter Files by David Zweig that exposes how much factual information about COVID on Twitter was censored.


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. All during 2020 and early 2021 visited my elderly parents (both in early 80s). Mom with Dementia, Dad strong as an ox. They both got vaxxed and boosted along with my sister but I never did and kept it to myself. Sister lives on East Coast and we live in Cali.

    A random phone convo with my sister revealed my "anti-vax" status. This revelation was then shared with my Dad and those monthly visits were put on hold until proof could be shown to him. Did not budge so kept in touch via the phone.

    About 6 months later he wakes up one morning and cannot feel his lower extremities. A month later it spread to his pelvis. 5 week stay a Cedars-Sinai in LA with top notch neurologists and a myriad of MRIs, CT scans reveals nothing? Currently requires stand by assist with all transfers, is wheel chair bound and now has home health aides 10 hours a day for ADLs. Oh, and my monthly visits?

    Once the numbness started I was now allowed to visit their home again. Provided 24-hour care to my Mom during his 5 week stay at Cedars-Sinai too.

    Last visit to the MD he was asked about getting a flu shot. "Sounds good. Let's do it." MD then asks if he wants his Covid booster. "No! I am not taking that sh#$%"

    Have not uttered one word about Covid but deep down he knows. ALL of those who got convinced to take this jab KNOW.

  2. People please pay attention to what is happening. This is not okay. It cannot be allowed to be normal. You don't have to readily accept that the world is effed up.

  3. Its too late millions have died already and over the next few years 100s of millions are going to die because they either blindly, or were mislead or were cohersed into rolling up their sleeves. The anger that is coming when people realise what was done to them and their loved ones will be unlike anything the world has witnessed. If you wonder why Fauci has chosen now to resign you have your answer. He knows his head will be the first to go on a stick..

  4. I'm just gonna say it: i'm starting to think they are actually flesh-eating shape-shifting reptiles from nibiru that live inside the hollow earth and use us to collect gold to trade the grays for dna from psychic nazi samsquantches

    and it wouldn't even surprise me if i was proven right in 6 months. nothing would surprise me at this point

  5. I know tons about COVID and the vaccine, being a retired healthcare executive for the second largest healthcare corporation on the U.S West Cost. Having been given one of three awards in my field for saving (to date not including population growth) 774,000 people.
    I’m still unable to share most of what I know here, on Twitter, or FB or I get auto censored or banned.

  6. Talk, talk & more talk. What, if anything is going to come of this. Are there no checks and balances to control what the government does. This is clearly not in anyone's best interest unless you're making money off the vaccines.

  7. This government has been more concerned with experimental "vaccines", the Jan 6th clown show, equity over equality and pushing the alphabet agenda rather than actually upholding the Constitutional and moral values on which this country was based. My patience is wearing thin.

  8. This is all getting thrown down the memory hole anyway. The left will always excuse themselves and rationalize this without question for the rest of their lives. We have something to learn from them.

  9. YouTube was the worst for censorship.. Far worse than Twitter.. They blocked every comment which didn't follow the narrative.. Lets not forget they also suspended and blocked many of us who highlighted cheating in the 2020 election.. People were silenced.. YouTube should be punished very severely.. Their punishment must hurt them..

  10. It's funny really. We finally have proof of what we all expected, and really, KNEW. Of course, this will all be swept under the rug, and any real mention of it will be snide, and painted as conspiracy. Nothing will change, and the masses will forget, and the world will move on. Find truth…Find God…

  11. The Feds have completely lost their way. This is a blatent attempt to prevent free speech which is protected by our constitution. In other words they are disobeying their Oath to defend the Constitution. This is treason and sedition. Everyone involved needs to be charged and arrested.

  12. I think it's pretty clear that taking the jab was more about an experiment on the entire human race, than it was about saving lives. Those that still decide to "recharge their immune system" with another booster, are just plain stupid!

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