Elon Musk, Social Media Censorship, and Bots

Taken from JRE #1806 w/Duncan Trussell:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. So if America messes with other countries economy and culture with disinformation why should the world care about all the issues on gender and race America is facing? You reap what you sow

  2. Rogans friendship with musk definitely had a impact on musk. I think joe made him question things that probably wouldn’t be so emphasised in elons technical mind. Sometimes a commoner can influence the gifted.

  3. Only really stupid people believe Elon Musk and his so called fight against censorship. He literally destroys freedom of speech in his own company when people try to fight for their right to have decent work conditions. All these right-wing idiots who cry about lack of freedom on Twitter want to censor people who are against right-wing agenda. Musk doesn't like that conspiracy theories and lies are being banned by Twitter, so he wants to buy to company, make it private, and then do the same thing but on his own terms. Musk is a fraud, only stupid people can't see that fact.

  4. People saying stuff just for fun… that´s me. I need some safe-space where I can commit rhetorical genozide in public. It helps me manage my numerous mental disorders.

  5. Happy Easter you make me push the limits and stay hungry and fuck being a sheep, turn green and lead Too the parts unknown love you Anthony love y bro Your friend Billy T

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