Elon Musk TRASHES Netflix As “Unwatchable” WOKE Garbage!! Netflix Also Loses 200,000 Subscribers!


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  1. Netflix said years ago if they crackdown on account sharing they'd lose 60% plus of their user base….and that's why they didn't do it….bahah ….you gotta find it on the way back machine probably

    Not to mention the bootleg apps are better….and Free bahahahahah

  2. No no! We need more gender equality and gender fluidness on net flix. I think it is truly a positive move. Don't ever stop Netflix. Be a shining example of wokeness!

    And when you and your employees are unemployed think of the new exciting business opportunity in the fascinating field of keeping restaurant bathrooms clean.

  3. When Susan Rice was appointed to the board I cancelled the same day… when I called in the girl asked me why… I said that I didn't agree with the appointment, nor did I agree with the content shift for my family. She went from being sweet to being rude and condescending in microseconds. Her question made me certain about my choice… 'What you think your 11.99 a month can change anything? What a joke!' My answer made her choke… No not at all. But I CAN change what my children see, hear, and experience… when enough moms figure out that turning off, tuning out, and stepping up deletes the entitlements of modern children THEN Netflix will adjust course or fail. I swear all she said was 'whatever'… I would LOVE to talk to her again!

  4. Where have families mom{female}, dad{male}, and kids which are all one race gone? I see this everywhere, no tv, ads, or video any kind worth watching. There are a few that are but a very few.

  5. If it wasnt for the old shows I grew up with on Netflix I would have zero reason to buy it because there is literally nothing else on this shit showcase worth watching! However and regardless they raised their rates and that was enough for me, especially given the assholes upgraded me to HD and I dont even have anything HD to bother paying this absurd price but what they do offer is not worth paying for so I am canceling!

  6. It's the same with the BBC, a life long fan of Dr Who. BBC went woke, brings in the first female Dr in 50 odd years. I'm not watching shit. When she leaves they'll have a coloured alphabet Dr without question. How to ruin a superb programme. 🤮🤢🤮🤢

  7. I still won't resub until they get rid of Cuties.
    I literally left that as the reason when I cut my sub to them when it was released.

    Why are they so defensive of pedophilia?

  8. Ehhh… No Pony in this piss contest. Thanks to them some of my favorite anime had a home to air on. True, they suck at a lot of stuff…. Live-action adaptations are cancer….. but lest we forget not everything on there is woke garbage.

  9. I remember sharing my WoW account with people back in 2005. Are they just now realizing this is an extremely common thing people do? Also, they give you a number of screens you can watch on the same account at the same time that you can pay more for. So why are they butthurt about this? Do they honestly think people with 4k video subscriptions have 5 people in their house all watching netflix at the same time?

  10. Dude I have to disagree with death Note being the most popular manga of all time from Japan. As is probably like in the top 40 or 30 from Japan. as the dragon Ball series is from Japan and Naruto, bleach, Gundam and zoids, Pokemon and the list just goes on. As pretty much all the anime in the 90s until 2010 was pretty much all from Japan. It does seem that some Korean countries and China have tried to create their own manga to get in on the craze. But I'll say this there hasn't been many noteworthy ones besides maybe the gamer and I think that came from Korea. Nothing has come out of China that is it remotely not worthy. The reason is because while Chinese people are smart they seem to lack imagination. As the manga if you will that come out of China are all about cultivation crap and they all follow a very similar general formula.

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