Elon Musk Tweets About Shooting Commies


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  1. Does Eon know he is going against the Antichrist and he is no Christian. He better start praying to God to be on his side if he wants to live. But at the same time they need Eon. They need the rockets.

  2. Interesting.
    Same last names same ideology just different spelling:
    Lennon = Lenin
    "Is there a cure for Communists and Socialists?"
    Lead Therapy.
    Administer 2 lead capsules to the brain pan of the patient @ 1200fps.
    Patient 100% cured."

  3. Elon Musk – some things he's involved in do concern me, but I can't help but give him some points for stuff this blatant. I saw this tweet and almost died.

  4. Lol, Leslie is completely ridiculous 🤣 trying to link up Elon Musks refusal to bend over for the leftys every wish as though it is only a Trump follower that will do something like that lol

  5. A smart man expressing himself honestly, nothing wrong with that.
    Where it goes wrong is when poorly raised children get hurt feelings when hearing others opinions and life choices.
    It goes very wrong when these self important people believe they have some right to force their life choices on others.
    They think they have a right to scream in your face, damage your property or physically assault you.
    They believe if you don't agree with them or let them do things that affect you, you have zero right to defend yourself or punish them.
    They get you fired from your job, destroy your career and other acts.
    Who even told them this is acceptable?
    Another reason for the second amendment.
    Try to approach any of the ones trying to take away your rights and you will find many, armed , bodyguards.

  6. Technocratic koshers are the ones implementing JWO, Elon is absolutely part of this whole thing, he’s literally funding the development of tech they plan on installing in all of the humans who survive their engineered mass starvation

  7. Only takes one bullet to end problems with your unelected power hunger political commissar. Just a daily reminder don’t let your country progress into a place so bad they build walls to keep you from leaving

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