Elon Musk Twitter Deal Is Collapsing! He Just Blasted Them To The SEC For Lying Again!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. If I show up to buy a car with the money in hand. On the phone you told me it had 50,000 miles on it, but when I got there it had 100,000 am I still obligated to buy that? Hell no, and in fact there are laws against that. This is exactly what Twitter has done.

  2. Everyone who bought into his bullshit, you feeling stupid yet? You too Jeremy. He IS NOT for free speech, just look at his past. Full of silencing critics. This entire stunt was literally just so he could do damage control should his name appear in the Depp vs Turd trial. Think about the timing. The trial starts, he's pushing it like crazy, as the trial drew to its close, he went almost silent. Stop buying the lies he spews. He's a con man and his own hype and pr guy, nothing more, and twitter will never change so get off it and use alt tech. Quit kissing the guys ass. You're smarter than that. This also allowed him to liquidate stock in tesla before it dropped. He's ripped off a lot of people and twitter is twitter. There's nothing here for the benefit of free speech. Just a hype guy on a pr stunt. Said it from the start, but too many were suckered in by his bullcrap.

  3. Big win for elon musk. He liquidated billions of overpriced tesla stock and the act is cheered by his fans. leveraging the people against twitter to suit his own ends. Genius.

    Elon: first in, last one out

    OH NO! So many bots! A 40billion dollar deal and did not do DUE DILIGENCE to investigate what he is buying. Maybe he had an ulterior motive like liquidating his tesla stocks while it was still over priced

  4. Those mfers misrepresented the company’s user…. So it’s worth less, these stupid delusional Democrats just need to go. I’m f*cking talking, let this civil war II begin. These f*ckers are trying to take away our F*CKING RIGHTS, enough said. Now it’s time to WAR.

  5. So many Elon d*ck suckers here. Let's be honest. He never wanted to buy Twitter. He was hoping to raise its value and then sell his share. Even with 1 billion penalty he'd make a profit but his plan backfired and the value decreased instead and now he's hoping to get out of the deal without paying the fees.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that there’s been several articles written recently by leftist journalists throwing shade on EV’s? I’m wondering if now that Elon is enemy number one, suddenly lefties are anti-EV’s.

  7. The same morons that can't determine real information, opinion or "miss information" are the tools reviewing BOTS. Of Course twitter has been lying sense inception. The BIG LIE… is the core of their business model. 🙂 Some ca feel free to tweet this for me. I refused to even open an account until I heard Elon might bye them out lol.

  8. I always assumed these companies had competent lawyers. But if they did knowingly mislead shareholders, and Musk as a buyer, they would lose that court battle wouldn't they? Isn't this all just big-brain-tough-guy talk? Puffer fish… That's what comes to mind. I think they should have tried possuming instead.

  9. I'm no expert by any means, but if twitter isn't just dodging requests for more info relating to bots, and is actually concerned about sensitive info, why can't they just get Elon to sign an nda? That would allow them to share info on bots with musk, and he can't share that info publicly.

    I could be wrong, but that makes sense to me.

  10. Illumination can frighten him who does not seek enlightenment. Wisdom is a gift conspired through love and through power. Any situation that you find yourself in, is an outward reflection of your inner state of beingness.

  11. Hopefully this whole situation somehow leads to both Alan Musk the gun grabber and Twatter getting fucked over somehow, that'd be best case scenario

  12. I feel like Musk knew this was going to happen and offered the money to buy the company knowing he'd have 10 opportunities to jump ship, and just wanted to give twitter a nice slap. Imagine he doesnt buy Twitter, and it turns out everything is just bot driven prioritized virality, and then twitter plunges and then elon joins truth social and trump slaps him like a billion dollars XD

  13. Elon devalued Twitter by attempting to purchase Twitter and then trying to prove that Twitter is potentially fraudulent. Nostrodumbass predicted this eventuality. What could go wrong?
    Elon isn't the savior that you are searching for….

  14. There is absolutely ZERO chance the bot count is 5%.. That’s such an absurdly low number.. like I was blown away when you said that- how tf hasn’t this been disputed before?!

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