Elon Musk “Twitter Files”: Matt Taibbi’s Thread Explained, Tweet by Tweet – Viva Clips

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  1. No-offense but it's all legal. There is no public space on the internet. Twitter is a private corporation & just like the DNC & RNC they can pick winners & losers behind closed doors without counting any votes what so ever. The Constitution offers us NO Right to have our votes counted, Twitter did nothing wrong nor did the DNC in 2016.

  2. This laptop/Hunter/Joe story should have been handled way back in December of 2019, when the FBI first got their hands on the laptop. Instead they chose to destroy the messenger in order to promote the residency of an illegitimate and corrupt, power-hungry Alzheimer's patient.

  3. If the laptop story was untrue, inaccurate, libel and slander, etc… John Paul Mac Isaac who released it from his store in Delaware and Elon Musk who released the Twitter files regarding the debated censorship from Twitter would both be facing criminal charges related to this. Since the allegation of something very illegal having been committed with collusion of the commander in chief being part of it(and this is 10,000 times more heinous and more serious than Watergate which led to Nixon being removed from office) then surely, if Isaac and Musk can't be prosecuted for their involvement, surely the Biden's and former administration staff and board of directors at Twitter should be facing arrest, court and answer for their crimes… How Democrats have perverted justice, especially considering their questionable involvement with Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and war, should absolutely lead to congressional hearings at the absolute minimum.

  4. Big focus on rhymes-with-shoes recently. Looking at people in power within big tech companies, anyone else notice the prevalence of people of Indian subcontinent heritage? Just sayin

  5. What about the two liberal MP's arrested before harper was installed? Look into how Blackberry is involved as the world leader honeypot spy tool. The largest honey pot ever. Blackberry 'The world's most secure phone' was used to spy on every world leader and cabinets that were all using blackberry phones. Once Harper installed they all stopped using blackberry phones. Not a single journalist picked up the story when it was obvious to anyone reading the media articles and half truths. Google has hidden all the links to all the research to investigate this massive fraud and election rigging.

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