Elon Musk Twitter Leaks Implicate Dr. Fauci Because OF COURSE It Does! This Is Nuts!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Just one unanswered question is important. What position did she have and what was the result of her work in that position. Shame it's not a topic in this 10 minutes talking about her.

  2. I believe a member somehow of Pelosis family was a member of the zoom company. After the lock downs, they sold a ton of their shares of the company

  3. Nah. The raw data should be redacted for personal privacy concerns (non-public figures, such as random users), and made available. The whole "filtering through a journalist" thing is otherwise the universal MSM, pro-censorship position. Making the data available doesn't prevent journalists from digging through it; on the contrary, it means that more journalists can dig through it.

    Matt Taibbi is one of very few good, principled, honest journalists left out there, and I trust him as far as I can trust a man I've never met. Still, the fact is, nobody should be trusted completely. As the Russian proverb says (great source of stoic, cynical, and paranoid wisdom, Russian proverbs): Trust, but verify!

  4. We shouldn’t allow anyone who works or worked for the government to be working for social media at all. That’s like letting an fbi agent work for the news or something

  5. The AMERICAN PEOPLE, and the WORLD for that matter!! deserve, and NEED a PRESIDENT, that is about BRINGING THE PEOPLE together, one that doesnt attack any side, one that preserves all transparity, and the enforcment of the constitutioon, candidates like Ron or Rand Paul, even one like Bernie Sanders, who i thought would have been great, up until i have heard his recent comments in the past years. the AMERICAN PEOPLE, NEED a news program, that doesnt focus on ANY bad shit, one that doesnt glorify these school shootings!
    it wasnt until the american media started making huge stories of columbine and such horrible events, that the epidemic of such events, became a serious problem in america. We need a media that doesnt focus on ANY negative events. if columbine and the following schools were never made into huge money making pieces of media, we would not have any where near the amount of schooly shootings that we have today! I guarantee that you could study that, and make a disgusting statistic about it as well!
    The American PEOPLE, need a president that isnt, and has never been connected to these ivy league schools such as the clintons, and the bushes, they need a president that isnt tied to literal socialist and communist influencers, like obama and his wife( look into things such as the semi crappy made documentary, dreams from my real father, which makes a case for obamas up bringing and michelles connections to literal socialist views)/.
    the american people needs a president, that is not interested at all in the lobbyists, that isnt at all interested in pleasing the people around them.. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NEED a PRESIDENT, that is souly about the constitution, and what its stands for! one who is about nothing more than making sure our military is stable enough to combat our enemies upon INVASION ONLY, and one whom is about securing the rights of the people, and elliminating the FAILED concept of the one world order! global corporations is, and has shown itself to be a failure. the United States needs to be self dependent on all fronts, before it starts to deal business in energy and economy with other nations. all these post world war 2 theories, have all but failed, and the globalist agenda needs to stop. America needs to get their independence back, more so that ever.
    What is happening in Europe right now is a PRIME example, of what happens when you rely on other nations for energy, food, and goods! i could never give a better example of why America needs a President, that is not tied to the IVY LEAGUES(which has been the source of almost all presidents or related powers, since at least the 70's), One whom is not tied to system of working themselves up from from the very bottom, meeting all the greedy bottom feeders, and learning how the corruption game works, and most importantly, is independent in their beliefs, and holds the same beliefs as the american public holds, which is FOR THE PEOPLE beliefs!!!!!
    i could go on and on, i am truly a neutral person, i hold som many democratic views on the country, but hold zero views with those crazy fucks who hate elon musk for no reason, and think there big dick friends are woman, and i also dont hold any relation to those gun toting douche bags that thought they were tough for going into the capital, even though its obvious it was a set up, via the fbi, to get the radical fucks that are white supremacists into a battle on the left and right war. this is what i despise,. all of this.
    anyone outside of the west coast. . . . . khpljh [odkth[oi rdjth..
    errrr, im done, i cant have this conversation by myself no mroe. the point is, we need a president that isnt far left, nor far right, nor anywhere near the sides. we need a president that is all about the constitution, and that is it. i dont care what they did before any of this, i only care what they ARE going to do in presidency. i want a president, that the American people would seirously consider, and almost revolt! in order to get them into a Third Term!!! THATS THE PRESIDENT THAT I WANT!!!! AND THATS THE PRESIDENT THAT WE NEED !!!!

  6. The lemmings moved on when they heard "The Trump administration was asking Twitter to do it too." Which was probably the FBI lawyers words. Its over…..

  7. Anthony Fraudci was using social media platforms to brainwash people to believing his propaganda? Imagine that! I’m so surprised about this that I’ve noticed it since 2020.

  8. But what if Jack is saying release all current and future plans to show that there is a more nefarious reason for what you Elon is doing. He said “why not release it?” I want to believe that Elon is doing all this for noble reasons but maybe there’s an even bigger story playing out.

  9. Slow drip this every day . What's the pentalty for T R E A S O N ? Each of these Main Stream Media anchors is guilty as well. Find them all , anyone that didn't try to fight this and who profitted off the poke roll out ect. The danced while your family died alone… they deserve the highest punishment.

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