Elon Musk: We Need Better Data on Coronavirus Deaths

Taken from JRE #1470 w/Elon Musk:

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  1. One of the reasons I believe COVID-19 is listed, at least for some instances, is that on top of whatever pre-existing condition somebody had prior to contracting COVID-19 , COVID-19 is what pushed them over the edge to death sooner rather than later.

    I thought that medical professionals use the same protocol when it comes to reporting deaths that are commingled with the flu.

    The body can only take so much… One too many bad things going on and there’s a higher probability is going to get out. I’m really surprised Elon Musk would not address that… I think he’s coming more from a position of emotion because of what’s going on with his business over here in the Bay Area. I feel he wants Covid-19 to be less than what it may be for validation.

  2. What if u wouldn’t have died from a heart attack, etc., except for the fact that Covid-19 weakened and strained your system which caused the attack or weakened your immune system to the point where you couldn’t fight the illness and as a result…died? Therefore if you didn’t have Covid-19 you wouldn’t have died.

  3. This is a great example of why you shouldn't blindly follow someone because that person is generally recognized as a genius. Critical thinking is so very important in today's world.

  4. @3:30 Elon: "public health officials have literally said this"
    yeah well Elon, this is a serious accusation you're making here and it requires some serious evidence. I'm not gonna just take your word for it and neither should anyone.

  5. In many states people hospitalized with covid require a daily test. Every day that person tests positive, it is reported as a new case, even though it's the same person.

  6. i totally agree but from a different vantage point, some people actually have covid but don't bother getting tested for it and spread it because well we are humans

  7. Elon “the country will reopen soon”

    3 months later

    Democrats still keep the cities under tight lockdown in hopes the tanking economy costs Trump the election

  8. I know in Canada that they record someone with a cough as covid because it is a symptom of covid. Also they get more money if you have covid when you die.
    IF the lock downs and isolation were supposed to work. Then after 6 months we should be fine of course. Right? Or maybe just take 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 and 200 mcg of K2 with one tablespoon of olive oil or organic coconut oil and you will be fine in a month.

  9. Corona virus is pandemic is truely dumb. I'm sorry but in my country which is Bangladesh there is coronavirus virus but my family my morr than 20 friends my 10neighbors and their family and where I go trink tea, we don't even wear a mask and nothing happened to us. 1day fever maximum and that's it. We are having construction in our building and we are handing out money and with my friends we are hugging and we are doing everything like normally do for 4months. Nothing really happened. I hated Elon for saying this for 1month then i realized he was. Right. It is nothing at all. Its really flu. I don't care what you guyd going to say but trust me I am saying the truth.

  10. Elon knows so much. He gave us the answer as corona virus deaths would show you much is fabricated. Covid is cover for human trafficking arrests and to keep the children inside and starve the vampires and not let the Cabal suddenly have a reason or the ability to crash anything like the stock market … they are finished already …. DJT and NSA and allies have really done an amazng job on human trrafficking and the soon to be financial reset towards free energy. Elon was flipped and lucky you Elon. Because you were acting like a Rockefeller … but much smarter. Elon can you please tell me why the curvature equation for our Earth does not work? When I look at a human skull I see a dome and then I think fractal …… hmmmm
    Elon set those pive gee towers on universal 3645 frequency and get them making toroidal magnetic fields or voltage generators.

  11. I call BS! The hospital director doesn't make that call on cause of death. I can't imagine a doctor risking his/her license to put 40k in the hospitals bank account.

  12. I get what Elon is saying: It's similar to running a business in a recession – AND WE HAVE BEEN IN A RECESSION FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW. Wow… I get it. I have lived through good and bad times… Understood.

  13. Personally? I think it would be a lot less stressful if kids had a test before entering schools, but, that's just me I guess.. It could be kept confidential while making schools safe at the same time… just a thought.

  14. What a dumb comment about the Covid deaths. All underlining issues contribute to Covid deaths. AIDS doesn’t kill you but it lowers your immune system which kills you. Without the AIDS YOU DONT JUST DIE. This is pure ignorance.

  15. I went to hospital over COVID symptoms but I came back with a negative result. I suffered for 2 weeks prior to going to hospital, so it's reasonable to assume the virus died in me before ever getting a test. If the blood clots on my lungs killed me, should that not be counted as a COVID death? The data can't be nicely separated and it's better to err on the side of caution then brush off imperfect cirumstances.

  16. Think about it though…how terrifying is a virus that increases your likelihood to get hit by a bus or eaten by a shark? Based on the "science", that's the only logical conclusion you can come to. Which proves the "science" is actually fiction being manufactured to give Liberal Governors a justification to shut down whole states and tank the economy during an election year to make the president look bad.

  17. Dems need to blame something on Trump. They use coronavirus as a weapon against him ! Best the economy and stock market this country’s ever seen in my lifetime. They want to tank right around the election so people can say, there are less jobs at the end of his term than the beginning . It’s a leftist scam !