Elon Musk’s Offer to BUY TWITTER Creates Director Exposure if They Refuse – Viva Clips

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It’s a 4-D chess move and it’s bold.

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  1. I’m just flabbergasted by the degree to which these people are terrified by the prospect of free speech on a social media platform. They must have no faith in their beliefs or the arguments they make in defense of those beliefs.

  2. What is the surprise, a Saudi prince does not want freedom of speech. Anybody reading this knowing what human rights are like in Saudi Arabia, particularly for women should see this as a massive alarm bell.

  3. Maybe enough share holders are willing to sell their shares to Elon for that price, so that he gets just over 50% of the company and then he is in full control of twitter and they cant do any decision making without him approving it.

  4. It’s not a threat. I think it’s a distraction. Bet your asses he has not stopped buying at 9.1%. By the time they realize what’s happened he could secretly hold enough to trigger a vote and oust management. I think he can buy 2% per day.

  5. In terms of Twitter Board's interest in offer from Elon: I have to suspect that while the $$$ is of interest, and they are legally required to seriously consider the offer, WE ALL know that if he buys Twitter, it could/would/should result in some VERY BAD information being exposed if the takeover occurs. They can't allow that. They love being censors, but they probably don't want their dirty laundry exposed.

    I wonder how much purging of records, internal emails and recordings are being ACTIVELY purged "just in case" in Twitter. You know it.

  6. It is genius. First hope I have had in long time. Elon is the one man that might beat them at their own game. One thing the elites will never stand for is being treated the way they treat the rest of us. Elon is brave. He is willing to fight for your child's freedom. Elon could have joined the WEF and Schwab and mini me Schwab, who are pure evil.
    When a man can publicly state that after 4000 years they can hack humans, and go about their business, something stinks. Insurance companies are having a fit. The death rate between 18 and 64 is up 40%! 2+2= 666.

  7. The very ones who make this Planet unworthy of Humanity, are the very ones who fear their Loss of influence, with the Loss of control over Twitter. The Mid-Wit Platform. LOL. That should inform everyone of its true purpose. But no doubt, it wont. LOL.

  8. there were two big companies that bought twitter stock after elon announced the 54.20 price
    if the directors reject the offer, then those two will lose all the profit they may have planned on
    "we buy at today price because we 100% know elon will buy at 54$" and would have got from the sale 15% or even more profit

  9. That would teach those fascist morons at twitter if they are slapped with a class action lawsuit making the childish board liable to pay the difference in stock losses plus damages…

  10. I read this weekend the board (excluding Dorsey’s 2%) owns a minuscule amount of Twitter stock. I think it’s absurd for anyone with a fiduciary duty to shareholders, to have so little skin of their own in the game.

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