Elon Says Former FBI Lawyer SECRETLY EDITED Twitter Files | Breaking Points

Ryan and Emily break down the latest revelations surrounding the recently released Twitter files and the censorship by Twitter of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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  1. 0:48 Wait, that's backwards. This actually is a big conspiracy, and the evidence is being revealed. Which is why it's such an important story; it's a massive conspiracy. They conspired, coordinated, colluded, cooperated, whichever verb you prefer.

    The RussiaGate thing was a theory that it turns out wasn't a conspiracy, so Emily you've got it exactly wrong.

  2. If James Baker, as an attorney for Twitter allowed his relationship with the FBI to affect his actions and judgment on release of information ordered by Twitter management (Elon) he could be disciplined and lose his license to practice law. If Mr. Baker has any integrity, that should bother him. If not, he will not care and the Left will figure out a way to take care of him.

  3. They keep saying James/Jim Baker deleted them…

    We all should understand from Russiagate what Baker is… The FBI/DOJ surely deleted those files. People We the People pay actively shutdown Free Speech.
    And the LEFT should wise up.
    The oligarchs will kick you to the curb quickly as they gain total control.

    Soon they will starve protestors in China (allegedly) by placing a red dot on their phone… It will certainly be that simple to silence the liberals of the US too.

  4. That is one of the risks when going on strike. Your employer can fire those employees for refusing to work. I would not be surprised if Elon hires a cleaning service rather than having janitors on Twitter payroll after this. With a cleaning service the cleaners are the service's employees not Twitter.

  5. Ryan always defending the Democrat party in the most pathetic way possible.. sounds like most of my Democrat friends that were outraged in the name of democracy about Jan 6th, and claimed SNS censorship and collusion was a crazy conspiracy theory and now act like it's no big deal… hypocrisy at it's peak… weak, pathetic peopel with zero integrity or principles

  6. I guess I'll keep participating in the Elon distraction parade he's putting on right now. How exactly is someone who is not working at Twitter overseeing the release of something that was only named the Twitter files after he was fired? When are we going to get information on what the actual government was asking Twitter to suppress?

  7. Ryan gets paid to muddy the waters and distract the public from the seriousness of stories like this. He tried to do the same thing with the rail strike story, but Briahna and Kshama wouldn’t let him do it in their recent discussion with him. He’s the worst

  8. I can’t believe Breaking Points is now the Elon fanboy central. This guy tells big lies for a living but the media takes it as gospel. Brown nosing to get an interview? You don’t blow $44 billion and still be a “genius”😂.

  9. The biggest collusion by a political figure ever has finally been acknowledged, and the cover-up is being shown….
    Ryan- yeah but the janitors at Twitter are angry

  10. Funny you mention Wikileaks…. Perhaps things are being vetted because Elon doesn’t want to end up being roommates with Julian Assange…. We don’t know what has been covered up…. Just a thought

  11. For Christ sake, just make a show with Emily and Saager that actually covers subjects with a modicum of integrity.

    … and Ryan, can you at least pretend to understand why suppressing your oppositions opinion is bad.

  12. Still wondering why it was necessary to import an establishment hack to "counter" factual stories. Grimm is a serial gaslighter. Don't think Im going to re-up as a '23 supporter. BP is sliding toward irrelevance.

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