Elon Takes Twitter, Meltdown Ensues

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  1. While I'm sad he couldn't bring the price down more it is lovely to see this happen. Seeing the people at the top get launched out is quite cathartic too. I may actually create a Twitter account now.

  2. Suddenly and picturing a scene where Elon puts a hundred Twitter employees into an office throws in a couple of scissors and staplers and says that the first 25 people who get out and keep their jobs…

  3. Taylor Lorez getting r*p* threats? Usually, its not something to be taken lightly. But when you are someone who has been proven to be a professional victim on the internet, certain people are going to troll you hard online, just for the giggles. Because they know you will spin your usual victimization tales and make yourself look less and less authentic with every new claim.

  4. Elon Musk is part of the establishment (or atleast their sock puppet / enabler) – do your research & homework folks, don't be another Mass Formation hypnotised cultist looking for a saviour. Musk facts & tentacles (thanks in large part to Corbett Report for his expose "Meet Elon Musk: The Husker"): (1) 2008 WEF Young Global Leader (with DiCaprio the "actor" & Miliband the UK MP), (2) his aerospace ventures – (2i) SpaceX (contracts with US Pentagon military & contracts / services with NASA), & (2ii) Starlink satellites (Pentagon military contracts & FREE donations to Ukraine!), (3) his multiple ventures aiding the globalist agenda – (3i) brainchipping (Neuralink), (3ii) AI (OpenAI), (3iii) climate emergency crap [electric vehicles (Tesla), Tesla Energy (solar), tunnel transport link (The Boring Company), "vactrain" hyperloop transport, climate carbon tax], (3iv) money [UBI, online banking (, PayPal / eBay, cryptocurrency, "angel investor"], (3vii) "philanthropy" (Musk Foundation – "scientific research & education"…Gates #2 anyone??), & now (4) Twatter (aka data mining, surveillance & tracking). Yeah Musk is defo against the globalist's great reset – not: he's collaborating & aiding. Folk seldom if ever retain their honour & morals (if they had any) getting to where Musk is in terms of status,  influence & wealth. They tend to be somewhat narcissistic (Musk has extensive evidence of being so), machiavellian, psychopathic (all 3 traits being "The Dark Triad"), very good people manipulators, & side-switchers to suite their interests & rewards. The establishment have let him rise because he's useful to the them (aka he's their asset). Then there's his personal relationships & numerous kids (& their "unusual" names), but that's another chapter!

  5. So "the left" forced "the right" to follow through on their promises.
    And you are claiming that this is a win for "the right".
    Still looking forward to your coverage of the collapse of the Truss regime, following what Nigel Farrage stated as "the best budget since 1986", which collapsed the UK economy.

  6. You know after this Im not regretting creating a twitter account a few months ago. Maybe if some employees came smiling and shook musk's hand, they'd still have their jobs…

  7. a lot of the perks and stuff are pretty common in large IT companies because there is a demand for programmers, so they have to do a lot to get them. the not doing any work part is only in the lefty social media places

  8. It's been a grind – great to laugh again, Carl's hilarious:) J Peterson's release from twitter jail sans the 'required' apology for daring to having an opinion gonna make me smile too. Cheers all

  9. Along with Jen Psaki in that photo are Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret. If those three leftist Obama cronies really are employed by Twitter, then the reality of the situation is clarified even more.

  10. Don't worry boys the Twitter former execs were fired for cause so they're not getting a damn penny out of Elon, and they can't sue either because if they do the discovery of the case will reveal the cause which is most likely corruption and censorship and working with different states including enemies of the United States of America which as you can imagine would count as treason so unless they wanna be receiving the death penalty or go to prison for the rest of their lives they're not gonna do s***

  11. Tesla's working environment is extremely intense and competitive. I'd like to see the spoiled man/woman babies adapt to that kind of professional demands.

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