Elon vs Big Pharma: It Begins

Elon Musk’s latest Twitter controversy has seen him slammed for saying the antidepressant Wellbutrin should be taken off the market, whilst lauding the effectiveness of psychedelics. So, is Musk now taking on Big Pharma?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Musk is the epitome of someone who matters. I get no reaction to my opinions, and that may be wise, as with most of us. His statement, an opinion, will get people to look to look at this. Might not be anything, but may be. Stirring things up I feel is good, something I can't do. Keep it up Musk, we need to turn over rocks now and then.

  2. The likelyhood that Elon has the greater good of mankind and the answer to all the world's problems in mind, is a long shot and likely another form of distraction and yet another attempt to appease and silence the enemies of the narrative.

  3. Elon is like a hypocritical, he is an oligarch, he is entitled, believes he is above the rest, does not pay fair taxes which he evades by using foundation type schemes, he is a member and a key player in the big Reset/2030 elite agenda against humanity for a transhumanistic orwellian corporatocratic world government and does not really respect law and sovereignty and the people, as he was a major player in the US coup against Bolivian president Evo Morales for the control of Lithium.

  4. Elon Musk is practically a genius. I agree with 99.9% of his views. He is just a guy with an opinion at the end of the day though. All opinions are important in a democracy.

  5. With the work of a guy that measures everything like Joe Dispenza, sorry for the name dropping, the facts shows that within ourselves we can aleviate most, if not all, of our illnesses. He even measures the feeces of participants before and after mind work. This is science working hollisticaly with the entire human. Kind if redundant on the last part of the sentence but to bring the image up.

    So the pharma boys are looking for profit before the cure. Most big pharma were born in war times, doing what? Experiments on bodies. How can they show that they have moved away enough to show their virtues? Because I have a problem with most board of directors, (being just a set of subconscious programs I guess for a big part of them), and their primacy over the multitude of pumping hearts of the human world. Actuaky with all the prosecutions they had over the years… not sure they realy are there for us.

    As I heard yesterday in some lecture while working. We have democratised politics since kings and serfs with voting but the working place is still under the influence of mini kings. This has to change of philosophy somehow to see a change in their towers of power. Damn not sure how but Elon, I think, is poking holes here and there and exposes more of this stuff. I like that.

  6. Well Bill Gates is a billionaire who sure likes to have an opinion. The difference is Gate never gets any push back. Why? Because Gates has spent years putting him money into media and Big Pharma….

  7. Yes, the president of the United States is "elected" (problematic) but the office has gathered so much power that it's become top-heavy. It's not supposed to be more powerful than the people's representatives in Congress (also problematic).

  8. I have been prescribed many pharmaceuticals throughout my life for mental health issues. They have been a nightmare Which I have had to contend with on my own. I became addicted to benzodiazepines and spent a hell of a horrible time weaning myself off of them. I was put on antipsychotics that made me gain a bunch of weight. I was put on antidepressants that completely stole my libido and any lust for life. When getting off of them I experienced brain zaps, muscle twitchings, horrible ongoing insomnia neurosis and suicidal tendencies. Just awful! I lost a whole decade and half to a hell hole. I feel like I haven’t had proper mental health services at all. Just doctors pushing pills and promises. Thankfully I self advocated and The closest real help was when I went to get nasal ketamine treatment. I got off all benzodiazepines and it helped me a lot! I also got off the mood stabilizers. I was doing well for awhile there. However, I lost my coverage because I moved states and now I am left with NOTHING. ZERO options . They don’t offer anything I want for mental health. I have been down the path of it all.. and no pharmaceutical drugs ever helped me very much at all… not in the long run … they actually made things worse for me… so what do I do now? I’m my own doctor now. I have to be because there are no real doctors out there hardly anymore. I dont’ feel there are any services. But if there were a psilocybin clinic I would go immediately to have a session… Are you kidding me? There just isn’t any choice though.. It is SO SLOW to help people. Because there is less money in actually healing people. The love of money vs the love of a healthy society. Our lawmakers are the henchmen.

  9. Everyone should be able to voice their opinion. I certainly prefer diet change and natural remedies when possible. Nothing is completely safe even marijuana. You have to weigh risks versus benefits. I myself think Elon is controlled opposition. Too many people have strayed off the path they want for us so he will come in and scoop them up and guide them. They don't realize that we are too smart to be easily manipulated. I don't judge anyone that feels they are being helped by these alternatives however remember that the CIA used these things to program people.

  10. Treating mental health with pharmaceuticals is a tricky business. A lot of data comes after clinical trials: once the drugs are on the market. Dosage is an empirical game—what’s good for you, may be bad for me… Genetics affect how we metabolise drugs.

    I fully believe there are many remedies that aren’t explored, because they don’t make business sense. Best thing we can do is to manage our own moods and emotions; create positive outlets for anger and stress. Most importantly, surround ourselves with people who allow us to express ourselves.

  11. Time tested information from generations previous has been disregarded in exchange for those who can afford to go to college to earn the right to know. Not everyone should perform brain surgery in their kitchen, but handling depression with Valerian root and St. John's wort should be common knowledge. Instead the common knowledge is "it's a long difficult road to find the right pill, just hang in there". Information from certain genres has been getting removed from the public for decades now. Plants stigmatized as poison while lacking the scientific research yet the FDA and government have allowed regulations for toxic chemicals into the blood stream as a "therapy"? The FDA and government deciding on "safe amounts" of lead, after science discovered that there is no such thing as a "safe amount" of lead.
    Think about the Library of Alexandria. There is only one reason why someone would want to control information. No need for a college education to understand what is horribly wrong here.

  12. You can trace back most major pharma and just find that it was a con to push/market a product no matter how dangerous that just lasted so long it became the norm so when someone like Elon musk says something apparently "he's wrong, there needs to be pushback"

  13. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer Dec 2021. I had a double mastectomy in February. I’ve been declared NED (no evidence of disease). Therefore, I had “complete response” and surgery. My oncologist used the wrong set of data to try ti convince me that I needed 5 months of very aggressive chemotherapy. I am declining after doing months of research. My oncological radiologist says I need 6 weeks of radiation. I am declining my that, as well. They are unhappy with me, but I choose not to expose my body to the unnecessary poison “just in case” there are rogue cells in my body.

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