Elon’s 4D Chess

Book club: beyond good and evil

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  1. This is like the old poem " All Fleas have lesser fleas to bite 'em on and on ad infinitum. " This could end up with more suit than Savile Row. Of course, Twitter has always been more an investment for political reasons, not economic ones. However companies are supposed to make economic sense. Musk is pulling hard on the Emperors Fig Leaf. One way or another Twitter private parts are going to be on show. Eventually they may be on the chopping block. Musk c;early knows " Do not interfere with an enemy making a mistake. " The Left has long played the " How much will you surrender, until we get what we want. " game. Musk has turned the tables on them. I am looking for more videos leaking Twitter secrets. The Veritas video came after a warning about avoiding leaks. Musk may be locked in a battle of wits with an opponent who is virtually unarmed. It is better sport and Baseball. Bo-Sox fan here.

  2. Parag Agrawal is a screaming racist ….. virulently anti white ….many indians seek to be white by using skin bleaching products such as …..Fair and Handsome …..a very popular product ……..As a casteist indian ..Parag Agrawal believes he is better than many other humans just by his caste ….

  3. 4D Chess? Clearly you have no idea what a fraud he is. 4D Chess? You are out of touch. Not even the market had any faith in him, knew he didn't have the finance etc and twitters market value mirrored these sentiments… you need to be more aware rather than be a Muskrat

  4. Concern about morality… really. You don't know all there is to know about Musk. Just because he vocal negatively against the left doesn't make him always right…

  5. Any information which is released can impact share value even relatively innocuous comments can have a huge impact on the company so the release of information regarding bot accounts was never going to have a positive impact. It also speaks to the management style of the company and can affect investors confidence in the company as has happened here. A court case where even more damaging information could be released will make for a very interesting court case.

  6. Sooo Twitter is like…
    We can't let Musk take over…
    How much, Ok Musk can have it…
    What do you mean Musk doesn't want it…
    We are going to make Musk buy it…
    The court makes Musk buy it at a reduced price possibly?
    We live in a crazy F*cking world.
    Please someone tell me Elon MusK has not managed to manipulate the Twitter Board to forcing Elon to buying Twitter at possibly a reduced price when they all don't want him to own it. Not even Elon can do that, Right? Right? 🤣🤣🤣
    Come on, that's not humanly possible… I hope.

  7. Every single IT business in siliCon valley have been overstating their tech capacity, overstating their client base and overstating their income potential. All while padding out their own expenses, claiming every perc they can spin, paying themselves massive salaries and share bonuses. It's a scummy industry.

  8. You can say he doesn't need the money, but the guy is watching the country fall apart as he bickers about, what is to you and I, a few hundred bucks. If he feels it's such a moral imperative that Twatter be a free speech platform he surely doesn't act like it.

  9. i wonder how much the market cap will change if information gets out that they have more than 5% bots and then it would start getting sued by advertisement companies for making false claims

  10. There not in Delaware for tax reasons. It would be nice if a platform like yours would do some basic research. I’m European too but I know Delaware has one of the most strict anti take over laws in all of America.

  11. Musk doesn't buy Twitter, nothing actually changes at Twitter, free speech is still curtailed and it's still a festering pole from which Global Leftism gets its opinions.
    You can spin it any way you want, we TOLD you Elon wasn't our guy, and that nothing was going to come of this.
    Twitter needs to be shunned and destroyed. Nothing else.

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