Emails EXPOSE Google Influence On Biden White House’s Covid Office: Report

Alex Thompson details his new reporting alleging that billionaire former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, got too close for comfort at the White House Office of Science and Technology.

President Joe Biden speaks about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after unveiling his proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 in the State Dining Room of the White House, Monday, March 28, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

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  1. Taxpayers funded the science and technology that ultimately became the internet, yet their reward is being bullied by corporate gatekeepers whose ultimate aim is to charge every user access fees while monitoring and controlling the range and tenor of all narratives in what has become the de facto town square. Is it any wonder then that the world's richest corporatists would further endeavor to control public policy from its inception forward? This is just the latest iteration of a century old pattern of revolving door cooperation between what has become the transnational capital class and US policy makers.

  2. It just seems like the government is just a massive corrupt company that just has too much money and power to do anything right and they are just spending time to try and line the pockets of the upper tiers and create a corrupt system. I feel like I haven’t seen anything positive in like 6+ years

  3. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with BIG GOVERNMENT. We now have thousands of UNELECTED corrupt bureaucrats with power of being all three branches of government and making the policies, laws and regulations to be forced upon the citizens of this country to fine, punish and collect revenues from the citizens.. Fauci is another example of how this currupt system works only to sustain itself in perpetuity rather than serving the people.

  4. I un-Subcribed when Krystal, & Saagar left, but still got Rising notifications all day long. I re-Subscribed when I found they were banned from YouTube for ridiculous reasons, & now, even though Subscribed, I still don't get Rising notifications. YouTube/Google is The Devil👹👹👹✌

  5. This is why we need to get all corporate money out of politics grass roots small funding low donations only Don't let corporation's get involved in politics. We need to stop Subsidies and bail outs to all corporations. US is a Capitalist country why does our government have to give corporations money that's a BS

  6. This is about billionaires trying to influence and control the White House. Pretending this is about anything else is absurd. Per usual, follow the money.

  7. Experts at the Universitys running the country. Did I hear this correct? Aren't they for the most part the same ones telling us men are women your all racist depending on skin color, speach is hate and having a thought there's something wrong here makes you the worst of all…. Sounds brilliant because I identify as a rainbow colored 🦄

  8. I'm not surprised at all, as Google was the gateway to most people for information about covid.
    Google controls the narrative for a lot of people over the world, so it would be a very helpful ally when you want to play dirty games.

  9. The Whitehouse can't afford to pay staff and rather than solve that problem the outsource it to google? Is that plausible? No. Not at all. It's almost like Biden owes google for something. I can't imagine what, else google will delete my comment.

  10. Transparency is the key… Denying people the right to fund the candidates and causes they wish isn't the answer… You're denying their right to support who they wish, but if you make everything absolutely totally transparent, you'll go a long way to stopping the corruption.

  11. The communists at Big Tech have colluding w/ Democrats for yrs to censor, erase & destroy ppl who don't march to their drumbeat – that's the communist way. Their media is the same.

  12. Big Tech , the MSM are against ftee-thinking Americans but are supportive of communists, brutal dictators, oppressors & genocidal maniacs like China bcs they have an affinity for their control over ppl.

  13. The only reason we know this is because they want us to have the impression of transparency. Days later, they will point to another crisis (or create one themselves) so we can forget about this.

    In other words, all this is them saying, "Yeah we did this. What are you gonna do about it?"

  14. "This was . . . created in an honest way . . . to help the federal government."

    You guys actually believe this? Selfless gazillionaires, their "foundations," and universities providing "private" funding for bureaucratic positions in the federal government out of the goodness of their own hearts? Naive. I can't picture this as ever having been legitimate.

    Then they somehow manage to blame Ted Cruz. Lame.

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