Emails Reveal Joe Biden Wrote Recommendation Letter For Chinese CEO’s Son, Hunter’s Business Partner

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  1. I read an opinion piece this weekend that said that hunter was the "bagman" for the biden family secrets and dealings. That hunter had only been elevated to that position after the untimely death of the previous "bagman". My assumption is that biden's other son, beau, was the original bagman, but after his death from "brain cancer", they needed someone from inside to continue on. Enter hunter. Even though they knew he was an addict. It was a thought provoking piece. It stands to reason, then, was biden's daughter's diary just merely lost and then found, or was it intentionally? What exactly is in the diary? What secrets does she have on the family? Why was the FBI issued warrants to search Judicial Watch reports homes? This administration's behavior leads to more questions.

  2. Praying that the corruption is shared by even the MSM, this might save our next election and our falling nation if people stop sticking their heads in the sand for a paycheck/welfare bribe from the government. Why are we caring more about Ukraine's border than the USA? Perhaps biden is being blackmailed over the corruption between Ukraine's oligarchs and the biden family.

  3. So what. A letter of recommendation means nothing. Nothing nefarious even though you conspiracy laden, fear mongering morons can't get past a laptop that has no legal reason for Gaetz, or Giuliani to possess

  4. Yeah I think our president is compromised right now I think there was more on that laptop than American people even though that’s why the FBI hit it because the FBI is known about this deals along time ago right now our FBI is crooked and we need to re-hire people get all the old out and put a new one just like Nancy and Joe Biden I’ve been career politicians and you can see what the longer you’re in our government the more crooked you get just go back and look at some of the videos of Nancy and Joe Biden they used to never be like this till the world leaders got a hold of them this New World order that’s why Russia’s bomb and Ukraine right now because Russia don’t want a new world order and they’re trying to pressure him all the world leaders they want this war to go on it makes them money don’t even get on the subject to our border right now we’re being invaded and our governments not doing anything about it except for allowing it and they’re breaking all kinds of laws how can our federal government break laws that they make God bless you

  5. This Admin and our government today is the greatest danger to our country, constitution, and our liberty. What a sad situation has arose because good people through apathy have allowed these corrupt leftists to corrupt our voting system via massive numbers of mail in Ballots, our military thru idiotic woke-ism, and our intelligence agencies by putting brainwashed leftists in charge who's main purpose seems to be protecting pedos. We need to fire them all they are intentionally destroying our country.

  6. Because Elon buys majority in Twitter to champion free speech now the other media companies are afraid they will get gobbled up if they don't follow suit.
    = Win win

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